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So I saw ppl commenting on my old account
And it looks like ppl missed me
And now you guys are on my message board saying hi or gasping that I'm here
You all chiddis are so adorable I swear
So I have a few things in mind so

Will I be continuing my books??
Uhm,no,actually I'm not sure
I mean I had good moments with my old Ines so it'll be sad if I just replaced them
Besides on my art book I only needed about 50 or lower chapters so a new art book will be out
And since Jane is on that account I guess it'll be alright if I probably did
But depends on how you guys want it

Will you do requests?
Actually,I am thinking of opening them since I'm poor and I lost everything...

How are you??
I'm pretty fine,only zero period is basically my sleeping period now
But over the hacked account,I'd rather not speak of it because it just makes me feel that I was too stupid I just ruined myself
Plz don't TRY to ask about the hacked thing

Are you in other places??
Like on social media??
Uhm well I have instagram(tbh its the only place I'm free because this one person that follows me on every social media and keeps coming too close)not any of you chiddis though ^^
I have a deviantart,YouTube,and well right here
I would do a tumblr but again that person...
Oh well

How are your feelings?
Well not so good actually an uncle just "died" and suppose of ly he died because of a misterious reason,but I actually found out that he commuted suicide...ehm,yeah

How's school??
Its ok, only I have a problem with this one guy that follows me and my friend and he's OK,but he's so rude he's always usually making fun of my friend and well its just messed up

Feel free to ask any questions or whatever

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