Chapter Three

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Benjamin was late for his meeting at White's

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Benjamin was late for his meeting at White's. He had seen him sitting in his usual spot, clearly visible for the entire interested population of London to see, in the large front window. All wondering... What is Beau Brummell wearing?

If it wasn't for Beau, men would still be stuck in high heels, powdered wigs with painted faces. So, for that Benjamin was grateful. However, it was such a chore to go anywhere with him as it took him over five hours to dress. Not even his Clara would take that long on her worst day.


He wondered how she was faring. The reports he has been getting from his steward from the information Rosalyn had provided has been grave of late. He longed to get back to her, but things had gone from bad to worse with the announcement of the Destruction of Stocking Frames Act, an act making the destruction of any mechanized loom a capital felony and hence a crime punishable by death.

He knew if the act made it through parliament that the Prince had planned to back it with his assent. What he did not know was how this would be received and what would be the backlash because of it. It was vital that he remain in London.

"George, sorry to be late."

"Beau, if you would be so kind."

Benjamin just grinned at him, but ignored his request. He knew Beau before he became a dandy. Back when he was in the Prince's Tenth Royal Hussar's and had his nose broken by a horse's swift kick to his face.

Back even before then. They had both grown up in Donnington Grove, Berkshire. Beau's father was a politician, and one of his father's lead informants. Beau although four years older than him, had bonded with Benjamin the year Beau had lost his own father. Both having lost their fathers at a young age fortified the friendship they shared when Benjamin was there to help him through the loss.

Both their families were middle class, but Beau had found a way to get the Prince's particular attention, allowing him to become friends with the Prince. An alliance that became extremely valuable when the Queen had given Benjamin his mission.

"So how is the Prince Regent fairing?" Benjamin asked taking a seat across from him.

"Prinny? Getting fatter by the hour would be my guess?" Beau said with chuckle.

"You best not let him hear you say that or this comfy life you have built for yourself will likely disappear?"

"Who will disappear?" Lord Byron asked as he approached them both.

"No one of consequence," Benjamin teased and Beau pouted, causing him to chuckle.

"So the big day approaches," Benjamin said in regards to the law being passed.

"They are certainly rushing to get this through parliament. What are they so afraid of?" Lord Byron asked.

"Well there has been numerous acts taken on part of the Luddites, factories burned down, guards killed, property smashed. I can't imagine it is not hurting the owners financially. Something ought to be done," Beau offered.

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