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If only I know ... death is not as simple as I thought, I would never choose to die, to kill myself.

I haven't dead. But I'm not alive either.

Why is it so hard to live? And why is it so hard to die? I just want to die!

"It's not your time yet." A beautiful man with the big eyes, orbs as red as blood, bending his knees, staring at me who still lying on the ground, waiting to die. I had lost so much blood from jumping from the 10th floor, hitting the cold, hard, and empty street at one of the most elite neighborhood in Seoul, but why do I still breathing? It's been 20 minutes... or more? I thought I would just die in an instance when I hit the ground.

Now, even breathing is so fucking hard for me! Can I just stop breathing? I swear I would not feel sad if I couldn't look at this night sky anymore! My life had been suck anyway! I wouldn't miss anything in this world. Nobody wants me. Nobody loves me. I had been just a mistake for my parents. And I had been just a scary freak for people around me, the freak who could read the future, other people future, not my own future. I didn't have future anyway.

The beautiful man now touching my head with his cold hand, seemed didn't care when my blood staining his white and delicate fingers. I don't know who he is. Why did he look so calm? Normal people normally would freak out looking at a random man lying on the ground with the sea of blood around him. If he was normal, he would call the police or the hospital right now. Not that I want him calling the police! But maybe he wasn't normal. That's why he was wandering at the midnight alone, smiling to a stranger who was dying.

I closed my eyes, hope this pain could go away soon. Who ever thought that dying is this hard?! It's a thousand times more painful than being beaten and kicked by my dad.

Angel of the death... please take me away now! Wherever is better than this world! Maybe the hell would be better too! My life here is scarier than the hell anyway!

I heard the light chuckle. I opened my eyes, just to see the beautiful man laughing without any reason. Nobody supposed to laugh in this condition! Maybe this man is really crazy!

"I'm not crazy. I'm just... I can read your mind, Ten."

My eyes widened in disbelief. This man could read my mind? Who is he? I was staring back at the man, trying hard focusing my sight, it had been blur, maybe I would loose my sight soon. I hope later I would loose my soul too. But, when? Why am I still alive?

"I'm Yuta. You're too beautiful to die like this, Ten. You're special. And..." The man leaning his face closer to me, "Your blood tastes super delicious." The man's voice is really deep and dangerous. I smelled danger.

The man licked my blood on his fingers. His red eyes were staring at me hungrily.

"I always know vampire is real..." I whispered. Please suck my blood soon, Mr.Vampire! I want to die! I closed my eyes again, ready to face my death.

The man / vampire named Yuta chuckled again. "Like I told you, you're too beautiful to die." Yuta was caressing my hair slowly. "This will hurt, more than what you feel right now, but later you'll become stronger. You'll be able to take revenge. You'll become the ruler. You'll be on the top of the food chain. Human? You could just kill them easily."

I shook my head. "No! Please no! Just kill me, please...."

"Sssshhhh.... You'll thank me later, Ten." Yuta whispered once again before sinking his sharp teeth on my neck, sucking my blood, turning me to a monster like him.

~~~~~~~~~~ ******** ~~~~~~~~~

I had been living for 110 years, and there isn't a single day I stop hating on Yuta. And I hate him more because us, vampire, would never be able to run away from the one who had turned us. It's impossible! Yuta is my master, and he could find me wherever I go, no matter how far I had ran away from him.

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