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Hello, and welcome to Apunkalypse, a profile dedicated to the 'punk' derivatives. 

This account has been specifically made for following and gathering the many different punk derivatives, from cyberpunk to steampunk to teslapunk to elfpunk. As these are more niche subgenres, sometimes it's a bit hard to find them (namely the smaller ones, like teslapunk and solarpunk) but here they will all be laid out and neatly arranged to make finding the story you want, a whole lot easier.

We also encourage other authors to try and write something in one of the categories to add to the ever growing following that these subgenres have.

We do answer all questions here, and welcome them! If you have a question about one of the punk subgenres, feel free to leave a comment or shoot one of the mods - or the profile - an ask and we'll get back to you asap.

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