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"Let me see you take this off baby," Harry says popping the strap of my swimsuit. I smile turning around for him and shaking my bum a little for him. I giggle at this. "Harry this is silly," I chuckle.

"No baby, it's sexy." He whispers in my ear from behind me and slipping my straps down my shoulders and kissing my neck. I lean into him and his scent wraps around me.

His hands attach to my hips and moves them along with his. I relax feeling his growing erection pressing into my back. I close my eyes as his breath fans over my neck and suddenly all of my mistakes flood my emotions.

The fact that I'm having sex with a married man knowingly. I've gone against everything I believe in for him. You couldn't have told me a year ago that I'd be doing this. Why am I doing this? There is no benefit, and my regrets always out way the benefit. Every time we have sex I want to turn to him and cuddle, and he'll stay for a while then he'll leave promptly when his wife calls. I'm getting nothing from this but sex and I'm the end a broken heart, because I know Harry will never leave his wife for me. I have nothing to offer him. Hell I barely know him, and he barely knows me. I want to sit down and talk with someone and tell them my deepest secrets and I can't here. I'm being forced to suppress my feelings, when I'm clearly falling for Harry. I have to stop myself from just texting him to talk or calling him just to hear that deep husky voice I haven't heard in a week.

"Obviously you're not into this today." He gently pushes me off and shoves his phone and wallet in his pockets. I grab his hand before he has a chance to leave. I pull him and plant a big kiss on his lips. He quickly reacts picking me up and carrying me to couch. His strength continues to impress me. His hands move to quickly remove my swimsuit. I rake my hands down his chest and tracing his tattoos to push down his running shorts as he kicks off his shoes and socks.

"Harry," I pant as he kisses down my chest and nipping at my nipples. "Oh god." He continues to mumble nothing's in my ear and and his hand begins to work it's magic on me.


I lie in the bed relaxing after sex and Harry's in the bathroom. A phone dings and I roll over to check it. It's Harry's phone so I almost just leave it there, but my curiosity got the best of me. I look at it closely and the name "Fay" reads. I click on the message and message after message of dirty text are exchanged.

Harry: can't think about anything but you at this dinner.

The fucking dinner was trying to grope me and have sex with me while his wife was down stairs. I grow angry and just have to turn off the phone and turn away. I try to relax my breathing before Harry comes back. 

I'm just another trophy in his games. Just another girl he's got under him. I'm absolutely livid right now. He's fucking playing me. I mean- fuck.

"This hand wash is nice, feel my hands." He says slipping in the bed behind me.

"Mm, baby," Harry whispers in my ear. I bite my lip trying not to lash out as his growing stubble brushes my neck. He reaches his hand down my hip to tangle our fingers. I lift up his hands examining his fingers and how long they are and the rough callouses and I realized he's not wearing his ring. I roll over towards him and place a soft hand on his cheek. "Harry," I whisper softly.

"Yes, love?" He answers kissing my nose. I chuckle lightly.

"Love" I chuckle and he furrows his eyebrows looking at me. I bite my lip nervously. How ironic.

"You can't call me that." I inform him. He looks even more confused.

"What do you mean?" He asks rising to rest on his elbow staring down at me. I shift to sit upright and hold the thin sheet over my breasts.

"You don't love me Harry and I do not love you. So you can't call me love and keep stringing me along emotionally. It's becoming too much." I admit. He stays silent. I look back at him. "I can take the sex." I admit crawling over him. My bare thighs wrapping around his tatted torso. I mentally moan at his sex appeal. "God can I take the sex."  I lean down kissing him softly on the neck and watching his lips yearn for mine. "But when you start saying things like I'm all you need and you're going to leave your wife... it's too much." I nip at his ear. "Especially when there's another girl."


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