×××Chapter 23×××

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×××Y/N's POV×××

The next morning, I awoke feeling terrible. I barely got any sleep. I stir in a bed, sitting up. I scratch my head lightly as I look around the room with cloudy eyes. "Y/N..?" I hear a low voice ask. I look down and see Max half asleep next to me.

"Oh. Hey." I say. He sits up as well. "What time is it?" I ask. He looks over at the nightstand, "7:14." I slide out of bed and throw on a pair of his sweatpants along with an Undertale shirt. I go over to the bathroom and grab a brush off the marble counter and start brushing my [H/C] hair.

I hear Max walking past the bathroom and into the living room. I finish brushing my hair and walk out there as well. I see Ross and Tim sitting on the couch watching TV. They both look at me and smile. "Hey Y/N." Ross says and Tim waves. "Hey guys." I respond.

After about 10 minutes we all head to work. When we arrived to the office, Max gives me a kiss on the cheek and steps out from the vehicle. I smile and step out as well, so does Ross and Tim.

We all walk to the glass door and walk inside, walking up the stairs. We make it to the top and when I open the door, everyone yells "Welcome back!" While holding a sign saying 'Welcome'.

I smile and start to slightly tear up. Everyone rushes over to me and gives me a large group hug. "This is amazing guys! Thank you so much!" I say, sobbing slightly. I love my friends..

Thank you all so much for reading! I ended it here because I lost interest in it and I have a few more books in the making, for example: Johnlock, Destiel, and possibly a Redney one. I'm not sure for the Redney one but we'll see! Have a wonderful day/night!

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