Anti depressants? (A fairly odd parents theory)

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Welcome back my friends! It's time for another theory! Let's see where this theory takes us!

Okay so we all know the "Fairly Odd Parents" right? The show about a boy at hat has magical fairies that grant his every wish. Yeah...well what if that was all metaphors for anti depressants?

Okay, if you don't want your childhood to be officially killed..skip this chapter! Still here? Alright I won't stop ya😉.

Okay so here's the theory. Wanda and Cosmo represents Prozac and Zoloft, two types of antidepressants. Timmy always uses them when his life starts to suck, which is backed up by the fairies always coming into the scene when his life is going down the hill.

And let's not forget the fact that whenever Timmy uses magic there's always some sort of side affect. This represents how when people use antidepressants, there can be some sort of side affects. Also in one episode, Timmy tells Wanda and Cosmo that he loves them, even if they make mistakes. Mistakes equals side affects. He also says that he loves them more than anything. That could mean that he is growing a addiction.

You probably asking me " Flowerlyn, what about the other fairies?". I'm glad you asked actually. Jorgen Von Strangle is steroids, Wandasimo could be viagra, the anti fairies are herein, as for poof, he is Wellbutrin. Mr. Crocker is actually Timmy's therapist who wants him to drop the drugs.

Chloe, the shows newest character, is also on antidepressants. The story is that she came to town all depressed, until she meet Timmy and he gave her some antidepressants causing her to see the fairies as well.

Well that's the theory about FOP. Hope y'all have a great day😀😊💙💚💜💕❤️💝💛

I do not own this show nor the theory. FOP belongs to their respectful owners. I found the theory on Reddit. The part about Chloe came from my sister bayleenb .

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