Chapter 51: Sucker Punch

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Evangeline was pacing. We left not too long after 'pop' decided to blow our minds with a thought that seemed to not only scare me but also burn a fire in me. My wolf howled the moment the words left his lips, she howled at how true they were.

They were true.

It made so much sense now, so much of it. I suddenly wasn't as mad at Ethan as I was determined to push his ass as hard as I could. He had it in him, I knew he had it in him. I could feel it. I felt it. I felt it that first day we met and I've felt it since then.

We stopped at a stream to get some water before we headed back, and immediately after we got here Evangeline shifted and started to pace. I was letting my toes dip in and out of the water when finally I had to stop her incessant pacing. It was making my beast anxious and not helping the situation.

"Evangeline, I care a great deal for you, but I will glue your ass to the ground if you don't quit that."

She snapped her eyes to me and sighed. "Charlotte..."

"I know, they're right, I can't believe I didn't see it before. God, I feel so stupid."

She shook her head into her hands then rubbed them over her face before sitting in front of me. "Shit, it makes so much sense now."

I nodded. "It does. It makes a lot of damn sense."

She sighed and looked back at me. She almost laughed then shook her head again. "We need to talk to everyone; Billy, Andrea, Jake, Evan, Ryder, and–" she paused and looked at me.

I sighed and tugged at my hair. "You know we can't just tell Ethan this right? He's going to have to come to it on his own, if we tell him it may backfire. He's already on edge as it is about overstepping his position, if we tell him he's supposed to de-throne our current alpha right now then he may flip the hell out."

"So what do we do?"

I bit my lip a little. I didn't like what I was about to say but I felt like right now I didn't have a choice. I couldn't just tell Ethan, 'Oh hey babe, guess what I found out today? You're actually supposed to be the Alpha, isn't that great!' Ya no, that would totally be about as bad as Ben & Jerry's going out of business for Levi.

He had to come to it on his own, just like I did. Levi could have beat into my head over and over what I was, but it wouldn't have worked. It wouldn't have stuck and really set in unless I did it on my own.

Especially things like this. Things like this are the types of things that you have to come into yourself. My wolf was in agreement, although it pained her. She wanted her mate, but she also wanted our mate to do what was right. To do what was not only right by the pack but by him.

"We meet with everyone first. Let's get a plan. We need to keep working on Ethan. I think he's close, I really do. I think your grandparents are right, I think he just needs to keep digging. We can talk to Levi about it too."

"What are you going to do about you and Ethan Char? It's not good for you two to keep fighting the pull."

I sighed and shook my head. "I don't know. It's not that I don't want him, I do. I feel like something is holding me back, part of me wonders whether it is this. Whether my wolf is waiting for him to accept what he is. That and, he's done us wrong Evangeline, you know that. I just, I just can't give him my neck right now."

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