Chapter 13

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Heyo! Enjoy this chapter!

David's POV :
David- "Your so beautiful I don't know why you need all that makeup"  I could feel Liza blush
Liza- "Thank you baby"
David- "Good night Liza, I love you so much" I said while kissing her forehead.
Liza- "I love you more David" she said kissing back and before I knew it we were asleep...

*beep beep...beep beep...beep-*
I heard the alarm going off. 4:30am already. I turn off the alarm and wake up Liza.
David- "Hey babe? You need to get up, we gotta get are flight" I said while shaking her gently and kissing her cheek down her neck.
Liza- "But I don't want to" she said cuddling up to me.
David- "I don't want to either but we gotta. Come on we can't miss are flight"
Liza- "Can we just have 5 more minutes? Pweaseeee??" She said the last part in a baby voice
David- "Okay. Just 5 more minutes"
We cuddled up to each other and that 5 minutes turned into 30 minutes.
David- "Woah! Liza come on we gotta get up"
Liza- "Fine. But I'm sleeping on the plane!" We both laugh and get up and get ready.
I put on my usual. Black top, black jeans and my black shoes.
Liza puts on some leggings, one of my jumpers. She does her eyebrows and puts her hair in bun.

Liza's POV :
I walk into my mums room and shake her gently.
Liza- "Hey Mum? We've got to go now" my mum gets out of bed and gives me and David big hugs while we wait for are uber to get here.
*beep beep*
The uber was here.
Liza- "Bye Mum. I'm gonna miss you so much!"
Mum- "I'll miss you too sweetie"
Liza- "Bye Mum love you!" I said while giving her a big hug and kiss on the cheek.
Mum- "Love you too sweetie"
David- "Bye Mrs. Koshy, thanks for letting us stay" David said while giving my mum a hug
Mum- "It's okay sweetie, it was really nice getting to meet you"
David- "You too"
We wave bye as we get in the uber and drive off. I rest my head on David's shoulder.
Liza- "Can you wake me when me we're at the airport please?" I say while we both laugh
David- "Sure baby"
Liza- "Love you"
David- "I love you too" I kiss his soft lips and go to sleep on his shoulder.
I wake up to to David shaking me
David- "Lizzzzza. Come one we gotta go!
Liza- "Hu? Oh! We're at the airport!" we both laugh and get out the uber.
We walk inside the airport and go through all the security and finally get on the plane. David texts his mum saying that we're on the plane and will be there soon.
I'm actually really excited this time and can't wait to see the kids again.

*planes landed*

The planes landed and we get are bags, go through security then call are uber (idk if that's right 😂).
We wait outside just talking then the uber gets here.
We get in and we tell him were we want to go.
I look at my phone and see some text from an unknown number. It was Melvin.

Melvin- "I'll just text you on this phone if your gonna block my number"
Melvin- "Liza baby come on"
Melvin- "Please. I miss you"

There where a few more texts but I just ignored them. I'll short it out later or something.
We get to David's house and knock on the door. We hear all the kids shouting and running to the door.
Toby- "There here!!!"
Sara- "YAY! Liza's here!"
Ester- "Presents- I mean yay there hear...!"
We laugh behind the door and wait for it to open
His mum opens the door and gives both of us big hugs.
Mum- "Aw your back!"
Liza- "Yep we missed you haha"
David- "I only missed Toby"
We all laugh and sit down and talk.
Liza- "Um me and David have something to tell y'all"
David- "Well..."
David & Liza- "We're pregnant!!"
Liza- "Well I'm pregnant!"
Mum- "Omg! That's amazing come here sweetie!" She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the check while wiping away a few tears. She the gives David a hug and a kiss.
All the kids hug us as well.
Me and David go up to his room and lay down in his bed.
I cuddle up to him as he wraps his arm around me. I thought this was the time to ask about his dad.
Liza- "David?"
David- "Yeah...?"
Liza- "Can I ask you something?" I say cuddling up to him
David- "Sure?"
Liza- "Why do you never talk about your Dad?" There was a long silence the David finally spoke.
David- "Um...he..."

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