The Fairy Godmother of Olisand

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Queen Antonia stood over her wearing a great layered ballgown of Barrios Blue and a cream sash across her chest. She extended a hand to Zelda and helped her to feet. For a moment Zelda didn't seem to understand the scene before her. Wings. Queen Antonia had a set of black hummingbird's wings folded against her back. She turned and paced down the center aisle of the nurse's ward. The feathers of her wings shimmered emerald as they caught the light of the moon.

"What?" Zelda choked out. She probably sounded stupid and looked it as she stared down the queen. "You're a..." She couldn't bring herself to say it.

Queen Antonia turned to face Zelda, her dress swishing across the floor. "The fairy godmother of Olisand? Of course I am," she said, giving Zelda a curious glance. "I thought you would have sensed my magic when you stayed with us over the winter, but I guess you are still quite young. That ability gets stronger with maturity."

Zelda almost didn't believe it. "But King Theodore — he doesn't like fairies. At least that's what Astara said." She silently cursed herself the moment the words left her lips. It was probably rude to bring up bad feelings so close to the King's death. She blamed the lack of a filter on her exhaustion.

Queen Antonia's face formed a thin-lipped sort of smile. She seemed amused with Zelda's lack of tact more than anything. "Well..." She paused to consider her words carefully. "He wasn't too fond of them or magic in general, but he was fond of me. That's neither here nor there... I've heard all your wishes, Zelda. Most importantly your wish to save my son's life. He never showed up at the ball. Do you have any idea where he is?" She grew more somber at this.

Zelda clutched her shattered phone to her chest, her only connection to Leo. "He just called a few minutes ago. He put his shoes on and they transferred him to an attic — he thinks it's the attic of the state building, but I don't know. I didn't even know you could put a transfer spell on objects like that. Our call was interrupted and he was hiding his phone in case he got another chance to call me," Zelda's heart fluttered in her chest. Every second that passed was another moment where she hadn't heard from Leo.

Queen Antonia nodded at everything Zelda said. She seemed to sense her panic and placed her small, warm hands on Zelda's shoulders. Nose to nose they were the same height and the queen had the eye twinkle and rosy cheeked glow of a fairy. Now Zelda could only wonder how she hadn't seen it before.

The queen pulled a slender, pink quartz wand from a pocket hidden up her sleeve. "We need to find and save my son and I need your help. I heard your wish to be first fairy. I also heard your wish that Leo would not meet an untimely end. Over the many years I've been a fairy godmother I've developed a strong sense of clairvoyance for finding people's happily ever afters and the best way to make them happen. I'm so very certain your happily ever after is with Leo."

Zelda nodded but she already knew in her heart that Leo was her happy ending. Still, she'd heard plenty of talk about the godmother of Olisand's skill. In the halls of Madame LeBleu's she was a legend. Not only did she have the best territory, she was said to have the best record of happily ever afters with the ICG. Antonia's hunch was more than enough to confirm what Zelda felt for Leo.

"You don't need to convince me, but why do you need my help to save Leo?"

Queen Antonia pressed the heel of her palm to her temple. "I know it doesn't seem like much, but I believe a fairy's magic is at it's strongest when someone's happily ever after is on the line. Leo is technically your godchild and you, your magic and all, are more invested in his survival than any other person in the world. The easiest way would be to restore your magic, but as that's against the laws–"

"But is it?" Zelda interjected. "I already have the gift of magic!"

Queen Antonia shook her head. "The ICG has had to take magic from fairies before. The rule applies to all."

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