Tiffany Hawkins: Memories of a Glass Sanctuary

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Once Eric had left with Christina to take her home, and Justin was MIA, Tiffany and Carmen dealt with the small number of customers that came to the Pandora Café.

"I'm going on my break," Tiffany told her co-worker as she walked behind her in the direction of the kitchen. She passed the coffee machine and grabbed the filled cup from the metal platform. "Aw, is this for me?"

"No, it's for a customer," Carmen replied as she took the customer's money. Tiffany ignored it, all the while taking a sip of the piping hot liquid and entered the kitchen.

As she passed the pristine counter tops, the lights flickered, and she hoped the power from the back-up generator would keep up for the rest of her shift. Perhaps she shouldn't have charged her phone to one-hundred percent battery.

The back corridor towards the staff cafeteria was very dimly lit. Tiffany tried to pay no attention to the low lighting, but she couldn't help but worry after Justin's disappearance. Whoever took him could come and take her too. With that in mind, she turned right back around and headed back to the main café.

When Carmen saw her walk back through, she asked "I thought you were going on a break?"

"I still am, I just thought I'd sit here... in the front... where there's people."


Tiffany caught the tone. "It's not that I'm scared. People actually do go missing when they go back there. And if you have forgotten, people have died here too. I question why the hell we still come here every single day."

Carmen gave the customer his replacement coffee. The man eyed Tiffany scornfully, and if she cared, she would have stuck one or two of her fingers up at him. She ignored him completely as he walked out.

"We are a little mad after what we've been through," Carmen told her, trying herself to rationalise it. "But in a weird sense, I also feel a bit safe here too. Safer than home, anyway."

Tiffany wasn't sure whether to ask, but she wanted to know more about her brother. It still came as quite a shock that she killed him and Carmen had been good at avoiding the topic.

"Why did you kill Ross?"

"Rhys," she corrected.

"Sorry, Rhys. Did he do something to you?"

Carmen's eyes were drawn to anything other than her companion. Tiffany could see that she had touched a sore spot judging by her teary eyes. For some reason, she felt like she could relate, even though she had no idea what had happened. For a moment, the two girls didn't need to say anything at all.

Finally, Tiffany broke the silence, "you don't have to answer that."

A customer walked in and left the door open. Annoyed, and also wanting to give Carmen a break from her, Tiffany got up with loud sighs and touched the door.

Without warning, a deep nauseating feeling punched her in the gut. Her head spun, and suddenly her mind filled with images. She was looking through someone else's eyes, she was sure, because she knew whose eyes she was looking with immediately.

Her dead sister's - Stacey.

It was that night, and she was banging on the door of the Pandora Café. Tiffany could see herself inside the café, the exact moment she realised her sister was in trouble. It was awful to watch from Stacey's perspective.

She could feel the racing of her heart just before the blade plunged into her back. Tiffany couldn't feel the knife, which she was grateful for. She was only a spectator, watching the past through the eyes of someone's final moments.

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