Day 4, A Stranger

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 Dear Footballquarterback

    Out of no where you became my fan and i was institaly (or how ever you spell that word) happy . I love getting new fans . and it also made me happy when you said i was a good writer. Just for you im uploading the rest of " Freinds, Bestfriends, Lovers " hrough tonight and tomorrow night, Since i have school tomorrow -___- . Theres really not much to say about you cause you don't have any books, and we only talked once.

  You should really upload a book though, Its kinda fun when you see ow many reads you get and see that people voted for you . It makes you happy that someone accually likes what your writing, But that just what i feel . So yeah you should upload a book so you can see how you feel about it :D . Well i'll talk to you some time, Hopefully . Lol

    Love you ~ Jacquelyn (: <3 

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