XLI- A Delivery

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"Can I kill her?"

Kal appeared in front of Greyson and Indianna just as they walked out of the pack house.

"Please, no one will know. I'm great at cover ups."

"What are you on about?" Greyson wondered.

"Your cousin. Dude, no offence, I know you're related and all, but she's more of a twat than you are."

Greyson narrowed his eyes at this and Indianna chuckled. "Thanks, man," Greyson said dryly and Kal grinned.

"No problem, bro. Seriously, back to the point, can I kill her?"

Greyson didn't say anything and Indianna gasped, punching him in the arm again. "Don't say you're considering it, you ass!"

Greyson laughed and shook his head. "My parents would kill me," he chuckled and looked around the outside of the pack house. "Where is she?"

Kal nodded to where Greyson's parents were talking to a teenager with bright pink hair. She looked pissed off, moody and not happy.

"Fucking hell," Greyson sighed and took Indianna's hand before heading over to them. "Oh, sugar, if you feel like you're going to sprout hair or grow a tail then please let me know."

Indianna nodded and concentrated on slowing her walk down. Luckily, Greyson was walking slowly and was preventing Indianna from speeding up to a pace that was not humane.

"Greyson," Laura said as they neared, "meet your cousin, Kimberly. You probably won't remember each other, it's been a while since you've met."

Greyson stared at his cousin, his eyes blank. Kimberly looked back at Greyson and gulped but tried to put on a brave and confident face. She was intimidated by her cousin- a lot. Not that she'd admit it.

"You're staying in my house so if you piss about and act like a bitch, I will kick you out even if we are cousins. Am I clear?" Greyson said in a bored, yet threatening tone.

"No you will not," Mark said sternly, giving Greyson a look which he ignored. "Kimberly, you are to respect what Greyson says. This is his house and a lot of people live here."

"Respect my ass," Kimberly scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Do you want to repeat that?" Greyson questioned, stepping away from Indianna so he was inches from his cousin, towering over her small frame.

"What are you gonna do? Kick me out? Your parents won't let you," she said smugly and Greyson gritted his teeth; already hating the girl.

"Don't make me angry, kid," he hissed. "Apparently you're here to sort out your shitty attitude or some crap like that and to be honest, I don't give a fuck about you. I have my own shit to deal with and I don't want a spoilt little brat getting in my way-"

"Greyson!" Laura scolded and Indianna grabbed Greyson's arm, pulling him back to her.

*Calm down,* Indianna said and for the first time ever Indianna noticed something.

Her touch affected Greyson just as his touch affected her.

His tense body had relaxed and Indianna could sense him calming.

Maybe it wasn't just her that needed Greyson. Maybe he needed Indianna too.

"Kimberly, behave," Mark said sternly. "Greyson is letting you stay here."

Kimberly just rolled her eyes and chewed loudly on her chewing gum. "Whatever."

"For now," Greyson said lowly and Indianna wrapped her arms round his waist. "I'm letting you stay for now."

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