Log one: mission

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LOG ONE : mission


3rd person pov;;

Wiping the beads of sweat that have formed on his forehead, Luciel focused on the computer screen before his eyes, entering codes and what-not, hacking into the system of another computer. This was extremely dangerous, and equally important. Luciel could not fail, and he wasn't planning on doing so, either.


He read the word that appeared on the screen in bold text, joy filling him as he jumped up like the cute dork he is.

"Yahoo!" he cheered, soon sitting back down and continuing his work. He was now relaxed, because after hacking into the computer, it was all kids' games - to him, at least. It was a piece of cake now, and he was working hard enough.

He collected all of the information he needed, copying it to his files and scribbling down some of it, just in case, because he knew it -

He knew he just hacked a genius hacker.

It is not like he wasn't a genius. He was. But he didn't want to lose all of his hard work if this hacker enraged and decided to strike him back. Better safe than sorry.

His boss was super relieved, and so were the other RFA members, why?

Because the person he just hacked is the personal hacker for an organization that opposes them.

Not only it is way more dangerous than the mafia, but it is straight-out life-threatening. They do dirty work; all sorts of it. They don't do it by themselves; they have pawns everywhere, spies, and nobody knows when they will strike. The hacker runs most of the activity, commanded by the boss. And boy, was that hacker filthy. They stole money from huge banks several times, and nobody was able to detect them. That mysterious hacker had made everyone go crazy, and still, their identity remained hidden from the entire world. They cared for their privacy - a lot. And it was impossible to spot them.

Oops, forgive me, my bad - nearly impossible. Because that is what Luciel had just done.

Luciel stared at his screen in admiral of his own work, reading the basic information he just gathered about the hacker out loud,

" (Y/n) (l/n)
20 years old
likes; drawing,reading...watching anime?? and playing otome games?? seriously? this is the genius hacker everyone was talking about? an otaku?" He burst out laughing and held into his stomach, which was now hurting from laughing too hard; he did expect a dark, insane serial killer who eats baby eyes for breakfast, not a young girl who plays dating simulation games! To him-- this felt ridiculous.

He wiped the few tears that formed in his eyes due to laughing and sighed. He can't tell anyone about this information. Not yet. Or else, he will be in deep shit.

He stood up and turned off his computer. After three days of sitting still behind the screen, cracking codes and entering false info, hacking into this huge data base, he was utterly exhausted, as he didn't sleep a wink.

He lay down in his bed and ran a hand through his soft fiery locks, trying to imagine how that girl looked like. He was still under the shock of this identity, as he built an image of someone that seems to be the opposite of this. He couldn't imagine that genius of a hacker to be a hopeless romantic anime geek.
'lolololololol' he thought and let out a chuckle, this is going to be interesting, isn't it?

He closed his eyelids and went to sleep, unaware of the scream that echoed right next to his flat.

Log 1: mission - END

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