Chapter 50: To Grandmother's House We Go

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In the morning Evangeline and I told Derek and Elliot about the tree over waffles. Both of them were pained for us, Elliot almost teared up. Right after Derek zipped into his room and dialed his maker Leo, while Elliot let Evangeline and I cuddle with him on the couch.

Eventually though, Evangeline looked at me with determined eyes then out my living room window. "Let's go, we need to see my grandparents."

Elliot stood up. We could hear Derek still talking to Leo in his room, murmuring things quickly that we couldn't understand. "Go, if anyone comes by I'll cover for you."

I kissed his cheek then followed Evangeline. We both looked around outside to make sure we were not being watched before we stepped outside. Immediately when I stepped out though, I could smell him. Ethan.

He wasn't there, but he had been there. He had been all around this cabin. It made my heart twist and the pull pang.

Evangeline sighed next to me. "He must have come by last night."

"He did," I breathed out. "He linked me because he felt my pain from the tree and last night. I didn't know what to say to him, how do I even tell him what I saw?"

Evangeline shook her head and looked back at me sympathetically. "I don't know. Ethan never talks about that day at all or really about anything related to the attack."

I sighed and nodded. "I figured. He ended up laying under my window last night when I didn't answer."

She rubbed my arm which made my beast feel a little better, but only a little. She still wanted me to go to Ethan and check on him. She was frustrated that I let him sleep outside all last night. We could hear his whines, they pained us and only made the wound deeper. "You'll figure out what's right. I know you will."

"I hope so," I sighed out.

We reached a tree that we quickly stripped behind and stored our clothes before quickly shifting. The run wasn't bad, just long. Long because my mind felt like everything from our time here was chewing on it. I felt almost dizzy and heavy with a feeling of dread. Dread for some unknown thing that I knew was coming.

We passed most of the cabins and reached an area that more trees than anything else. It became difficult to run through them; we had to keep weaving, turning, and maneuvering ourselves around them which was annoying as hell to my wolf.

Eventually, there was a trail of wildflowers that started as the trees thinned out. They smelled sweet like summer and waved gently in the wind. It was as if they had no idea of the troubles that we faced; they just carelessly waved and danced in the sunlight.

There was cabin centered in the middle of them. A cabin with a small garden and a small stack of smoke coming out of the chimney. There was a fencepost painted yellow with the words 'Everett' painted on a wooden arrow nailed to it that pointed to the house.

Evangeline ran to a tree nearby and pulled out some soft shirts for us to shift in. They smelled a little like Ethan. Like his family. It settled my wolf a bit and calmed her down. I needed to figure out this shit with him face before it ate me up from the inside out.

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