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Kelsey’s POV:

          This was definitely my favorite birthday celebration ever. I had all of the boys, the girls, Anne, Gemma and Harry here with me and it was wonderful. We were all stuffing our faces with food and drinks – with me only sticking to Sprite – and it was a hell of a lot of fun. The restaurant had some music playing for us, and Louis dragged Eleanor to the middle of the room to dance while Niall dragged Gemma, who didn’t seem to mind.

          I sat on one of the tables, smiling to myself as I sipped my drink and watched everyone interact with one another. My eyes went to Harry, who stood drinking a beer while he chatted with Perrie. As I drank my Sprite, Harry looked over and said something to Perrie, who smiled and nodded before he walked over to me.

          “Hey there,” he smiles cutely as he pulled a chair in front of me, putting it backwards as he sat down in front of me.

          “Hi,” I smile as he sits in front of me.

          Harry cocks his head to the side. “It’s your birthday, why are you sitting here?”

          I chuckle. “I’m, like, almost four months pregnant. I’m not gonna dance with this big belly.”

          He pouts, furrowing his eyebrows slightly. “Why not?” he practically whined.

          “I’d rather sit and drink and just relax,” I tell him, smiling. “But really, thank you, for this. It’s amazing.”

          A smile made its way on to Harry’s face, his dimples deepening in his cheeks. “Well, it’s about to get better because we’ve got cake!”

          I laughed as he stood up and a waiter pushed in a cart that had a big birthday cake on top of it, the lights in the room slightly dimming. The cake was a round cake with white frosting all over and colorful sprinkles covered the top of it. Two candles, forming the number 20, were lit up on top of it as Harry helped me up and made me stand in front of the cake.

          A wide grin settled on my face as everyone gathered around me and Harry handed me the knife. “Cut it with me,” I tell him quietly, smiling as he mirrored my smile.

          “Happy birthday to you,” everyone began singing as Harry stood behind me, his right arm around me as his hand covered my own that gripped the knife. “Happy birthday to you; happy birthday, dear Kelsey. Happy birthday to you!”

          Out of the corner of my eye, I realized Gemma was recording the whole thing on her phone as Harry and I cut the cake together, and when we did, my eyes widened as I grinned even more widely. “It’s a rainbow cake!” I exclaim excitedly, causing everyone to laugh.

          When the singing was finished and I had blown out the candles, everyone started cheering and clapping as I just smiled, putting the knife down. Anne then came over and offered to cut up slices for everyone as we all went and sat down. Harry and I sat down at a table with Gemma, Louis and Eleanor as slices of cake were being handed out. As we all talked and ate the delicious cake, I had managed to realize something.

          After my father had passed away, it was just my mom and I. It was the two of us against the world, because we had just lost someone so important to us. And when Mom passed away, that took a big toll on me. I hadn’t said this to anyone, but I felt as if I had no family left. Both of my parents were gone, and I was away from my friends and living in London. I felt as if all those who loved and cared about me were gone, but I was wrong.

          Over the past year, I had come to realize that I’m already surrounded by people who love and care about me. Coming to London and leaving my old life in Florida, I had made new friends with the most amazing people ever. They all have made me feel so welcomed, when in the first place I felt as if I didn’t belong. I was so grateful for every single person in this room; especially the boy right next to me.

          Here I was, a year ago, thinking that marrying Harry Styles would be the worst thing ever. But now, looking at where it’s brought me, it’s actually been the best thing ever. And no, it’s not because he’s a world phenomenon. But because he’s just Harry; a nineteen year old, goofy, clumsy, unbelievably sweet and beautiful boy. And I was so, so thankful for having someone like him in my life.

          As everyone dispersed into their own conversations, my right hand found Harry’s left under the table, and I intertwined our fingers. Harry looked at me, smiling, as I rested my chin on his shoulder while looking at him. “Thank you,” I whisper so only he could hear me. “For everything you’ve ever done for me.”

          I watched as Harry’s green eyes softened, a breathtaking angelic smile on his face. He leaned forward a bit, pressing his lips on my own in a sweet kiss. When he pulled away, he mirrored my smile as our noses brushed together. “You’re so very welcome.”


          “Left over cake for breakfast, really?” Harry grins as he walks into the kitchen, sitting down next to me as he cuts himself a slice of cake as well.

          After the party last night, there was miraculously still some birthday cake left, so we took it and now we’re eating it for breakfast. “I’m pregnant; I get cravings,” I point out, “what’s your excuse?”

          Harry smirks as he bites into the cake. “I have a pregnant wife who drives me crazy. That’s my excuse.”

          “Hey,” I say defensively, frowning jokingly. “I don’t drive you that crazy.”

          “No,” he agrees, smiling. “But I’m surprised I’ve put up with you for this long.” I scoff and continue to eat my breakfast cake. “So what are the plans for today?”

          I shrugged. “I don’t know about you, but I’m sitting on the couch and catching up on my Supernatural and Teen Wolf. According to Twitter, I’ve missed a lot on what’s happening.”

          Harry just gave me a look before chuckling and eating his own cake. “What about you?” I ask him.

          “I –” Harry begun but got cut off by his phone buzzing on the table. He reached over and swiped the screen to read the text before saying, “Am going to a photo shoot, apparently. For GQ magazine.”

          “Ooh,” I say, finishing off the last of my cake. “Have fun with that,” I add as I get up and put the bowl in the sink.

          “You could always come with me.”

          I let out a laugh as I turned to face him. “Please, no way,” I say. “With me being this pregnant, I have to pee, like, every five minutes.”

          Harry scrunched up his face as he stood up. “Okay, I did not need to know that.”

          I smirk, kissing his cheek as I walked out of the kitchen. “These babies were half your doing – deal with it, doll.” I hear his foot steps behind me as he follows me into the living room before sitting down with me on the couch. “When do you leave for your photo shoot?”

          Harry checked the time on his phone. “Twenty five minutes.”

          I nod. “We need to get some grocery shopping done,” I sigh.

          “I’ll do it,” Harry shrugs. “I’ll make a trip to Tesco’s on my way back.”

          I let out a sigh of relief, my head on his shoulder as I smiled. “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

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