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Korra and Asami got out of the house to go to school somewhat early to get some things for korra

"Uh hey korra what kinds of folders do you want for the classes." Asami said as she looked at the types of folders the store had for school.

"Could  I just get the binder thing that you can just sling over your shoulder." Korra said to Asami as she looked at the things she was talking about.

"Sure just pick the color then...ohhh what about blue or black," Asami said as she pointed out the different colors they had.

"I think that navy blue one would look good don't you think Asami," Korra said as she grabbed the navy blue binder thing.

Korra and Asami went to pay for all of the school supplies they had grabbed Korra went to pay for her thing but Asami beat her to it as she use her credit card to pay for all of it. They exited the store with all the supplies in bags.

"Asami you know that you didn't need to pay for my things its enough that your dad it letting me stay in your house because I am your  bodyguard". Korra said as she and Asami walked to the car. Korra went and opened the door for Asami, Asami put the bags she was holding in the back seat and Korra did the same.

"Korra why don't you sit in the back seat so you can organize the things we bought for you."Asami said as she sat down in her seat and buckeled herself in.

"Uhhh sure okay" korra said as she buckeled herself in the back seat. She started to organize all the things she had and had even went as far to color coded the things for each class.

Asami and Korra didn't talk to each other on the way to school but the silence wasn't tense it was quite the opposite it was a welcomed silence, since both of them didn't know what to say. Asami got to the school and got out of her car first to open the door for korra.

"Asami aren't I the one who should be opening the doors for you since I'm the body guard", Korra said as she swatted away Asami's  hand to help her out of the car she jumped out insted. Korra grabbed Asami's book bag and put it on then slinged her binder thing over her shoulder, Korra slowly walked towards Asami then lifted her up and carried her bridal style towards the school entrance. Whispers and people talking about Asmai and the new girl carrying her  floated around the parking lot.

"Korrrrra let meee dowwwn I can walk you know". Asami whined as Korra carried her towards the school's entrance.

"No" was all that came out of Korra as she kept walking. Asami got an idea of how to distract Korra enough to at least let her adjust her position.

"Oh korrrrrra what would happen if I touched you here" Asami purred out as she let her fingers trace the nape of Korra's neck. Korra shivered as Asami traced her nape with her fingers, her grip on Asami loosened a bit enough for Asami to try to escape. Asami started to squirming so she could escape but it ended up with korra putting Asami over her shoulder.

Asami whined as she didn't like this position anymore then the last one. Korra opened the door with one had she used the other one to grab of hold of Asami, korra walked to the main office with Asami still over her shoulder but now Asami was on her phone texting her friend Opal that she had a new bodyguard.

"Uhh I'm here to pick up my schedule" korra asked the secretary, the secretary who's tag read Tina looked up at korra through the top of her glasses.

"Who do you have over you shoulder young lady" the secretary said with a somewhat snippy tone as she eyed korra with a suspicious look. Korra turned around to show Asami who now was texting Opal about how she now had a new bodyguard.

"Oh.. hello Tina this is my new bodyguard and if you could please give her the same schedule as  mine that would be great ." Asami said as she looked somewhat bashful about how she got caught in a weird position.

"Oh" was all tina said she typed away and clicked a few things then the sound of something printing filled the main office. It almost seemed as Asami was already in this position more than once.

"Here and let Asami down " tina said as she handed Korra a schedule that looked exactly like Asami's schedule.

Uh I'm sorry that the chapter isn't  that long I'll try to update more it's just that there is thing going on now so just please be patient as I update more chapters of my stories.

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