Ch. 26 Visiting

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After getting ready for school I poke my head into Lennox's office. "I'm leaving. I'll see you after school."

"Come kiss me goodbye first." He orders with a smile. I feel his eyes on me as I make my way to him. I lean down and kiss his lips quickly. "Liam is waiting for you in the driveway." He states, huskily. I nod and turn to leave, I feel his eyes on me as I close the door and shiver.

I walk to the front of the house just as Liam comes in. "Ready?" He asks, when he sees me.

"Yeah, sorry I didn't know you were waiting for me." I apologize.

"Don't worry I just got here. I have your book bag in my truck."

"Thanks." I reply, following him outside. I notice an SUV behind his truck. "How many men are guarding me?" I
question curiously.

"Five total." He answers, as he sits behind the wheel.

I look at him in disbelief, after getting in the truck myself. "Five? Are you sure?"

"I'm sure." He chuckles.

Lennox might be going a little overboard. Especially, considering the fact we discussed not having pups until I'm ready. He just wants to protect me because he loves me, I think smiling to myself. He might be an irritating brute with the subtleties of a jack hammer but at least he's honest. I don't ever have to fear him lying to me.

"Didn't alpha tell you we were going to be guarding you?"

"Yeah, but five is a little overboard if you ask me." I reply, making him laugh.

"I've never known Lennox to half ass anything. He doesn't leave much to chance. He needs to protect you, so that's what he'll do."

I smile in response, knowing what he's saying is true. We pull up to the school and as soon as the car stops the door is opened by one of the other guards and I smile my thanks. I pretend not to hear the whispers about yesterday's scene in the classroom and walk to my locker and then to my first class. I eat lunch with Liam and he gives me more snippets about Lennox. Liam knows so much about Lennox, things I seem to fail to notice. Like the fact that Lennox can't stand ranch dressing. I store that knowledge in the back of my mind and finish the rest of the boring school day. I have three days to finish all the assignments I've missed, which is a relief because I haven't started any of it.

Liam drops me off in front of the house, I thank him and walk inside. For a house this size it's always so quiet. No echoes, nothing. It's not welcoming, it's lonely. I feel sorry for Lennox. How could I not? He has no idea what a family feels like. I want to give him that. I just want to give it to him when I'm ready. I walk to his office hearing the clicking of him typing quickly on his keyboard. I feel shivers when I hear his voice. I'll never get used to my response to him. I open the door seeing him hard at work. I shut the door not wanting to bother him and walk to the kitchen dropping my bag on the counter. I make a sandwich and take out a bottle of water. Sitting down at the kitchen counter bar stools I eat quickly and take out my homework. I get through a couple assignments when I hear someone come in. I look up to see Lennox's cook.

"Hello." I say.

"Hi, should I come back?" She asks, timidly.

"No. Please, don't mind me." I respond.

She nods and starts taking things out of the refrigerator. I watch her for a few minutes. I notice I'm making her uncomfortable so I start on more of my work. I hear Lennox's fast footsteps minutes later. I watch him come into the kitchen looking tired.

"Are you okay?" I ask, worriedly.

"Just tired. I'm trying to catch up on work. How was school?"

"Fine, Thanks."

"I talked to, Alpha Briggs." I look at him waiting to hear more. "He said the move went well and Marta is starting school tomorrow." I feel better knowing they're with a pack like Andrews. They're close to my real parents and I know Andrew has strong allies.

"That's good. I hope she likes it there. When can I go visit?" I question.

"This weekend if you want." He replies, seriously.

I pause. "Really? You'll take me this weekend?" I ask, excitedly.

He smiles. "Yes, really."

I jump up and hug him. "Thank you."

His arms come and me. "You don't have to thank me. I like doing things for you." He replies, breathing in my scent.

Four days later

Walking out of the school on Friday I feel lighter and carefree, even being followed by five men. I get to see Marta tomorrow! I wish we could go today and I'm sure I could talk Lennox into it. He has been working so hard all week, I don't want to ask him to take off early only to give me a few extra hours with Marta. I think we're coming to understand each other better. I need patience with him and he needs patience with me. Our verbal communication is getting better and I cherish the time we lay in bed talking before we fall asleep.

I get into Liam's truck and we drive back to Lennox's. We pull up and Liam gets out with me. "You're coming in?" I ask, confused because he hasn't followed me in all week.

"Yep, I have to get orders from Alpha." He replies as I open the door for us. Liam walks to Lennox's office as I drop my book bag by the door seeing two duffle bags at the base of the stairs. That's sweet, Lennox has us packed already.

Walking into the kitchen I go to the refrigerator and take out a can of coke. Hearing two set of footsteps I sit down on a stool waiting for them to join me. Lennox and Liam walk in the kitchen. Lennox looks a little agitated, I watch him come over to me.

"Ready to go?" He asks, calmly.

"We're going today?"

"I know how badly you want to get there." He smirks.

I look at Liam, who was obviously in on the surprise. I narrow my eyes at him. "You knew and didn't tell me!"

"It was a surprise." He replies, chuckling.

"There's only one slight problem." Lennox states.

"What?" I ask.

"I have to stay here." He answers.


"I have land permits to file and I have to meet with a safety inspector on Saturday. Liam is taking you to your father's and Andrew has agreed to let you visit Marta on his land, since your father is more comfortable with that." He explains.

I nod. "Okay, great."

"I'll see you in two days." He says, looking happy for me, yet reluctant to let me go.

"I'll be fine." I respond reassuringly.

Alpha Lennox Hall

I watch as Liam and Jocelyn leave. I hate that I won't see her for two days, just as we've been getting closer. I take out my cell phone and call Alpha Travis. He answers, "Lennox."

"She's on her way now. I'm going out right now to try and locate Rachel's trail." I know she's been close, I picked up on her scent up in the mountains. She's not alone, Wendy's with her. I don't want Jocelyn anywhere near here until I find them.

"What are you planning on doing with them?" he asks, seriously.

"I'll send Rachel to you, but I'm killing Wendy." I answer. I feel bad for Travis, but if he lets Rachel go and if Jocelyn gets hurt I'll hold him responsible. "If Rachel comes close to even touching Jocelyn-"

"I understand. I'll take care of Rachel." He interrupts.


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