Dinner For Two

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*Olivia's POV*

We arrive at the flat around 11:30. Louis won't pick me up until 7:00 so I have more than enough time to make sure I look amazing! The first thing I do is take a shower . I take a long one, making sure that I am super clean. I also shave my legs.

"Smooth like a baby's butt," I say to myself while feeling my newly shaved legs. I look at the time and see that it is now 12:30. Wow! An hour shower.

I decide to look for my clothes now because I know it will take a while. I try on what seems like a million dresses! Finally I decide on a mint colored one with black roses printed on it. Beautiful! For my shoes I am wearing simple black heels with no open toe.

My make up consist of light eye shadow, black pencil eyeliner, and mascara. Now for an even more difficult decision, hair. I could curl it, straighten it, go natural, put it up. Ugh! So many decisions! I have to blow it dry ether way so I go ahead and do that. After it is no longer wet I plug in my curling iron and wait for it to heat up.

My phone buzzes and it is a text from my manager, Courtney.

Courtney: "Hello Olivia. I was just letting you know that your recording session is now scheduled for Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend girly!

Me: "Hey Courtney. Thank you for letting me know. I have a ton of stuff to tell you! I met a guy and he is absolutely amazing. You are never going to believe who it is! I'll tell you all the details on Tuesday. Enjoy your long weekend as well."

After sending Courtney my reply my curling iron is heated up. I begin curling my hair in sections until it is all curled. Then I take a hair tie and sweep it to the side, making a side ponytail. I leave my bangs out and a little piece on the other side. I curl those to perfection. I look hot! Hopefully Louis thinks so too.

Just as I think that, our door bell rings. I grab my phone and purse and walk down stairs.

*Louis' POV*

I am super excited about tonight! I just rang Olivia's door bell and I can hear heels walking on the hard wood towards the door.

"Hello Louis," Olivia says while opening the door and locking it behind her. 

'Wow! She looks amazing in that dress.' I think to myself.

"Hello Olivia," I say and give her a kiss. "You look absolutely incredible! That dress fits you nicely!"

"Thank you. You look good as well." She says looking at my outfit.

"Your are welcome, and thank you. I hope you're hungry. We are going to Aubaine, have you ever been there?"

"No, I have heard of it though. Isn't it like really fancy and expensive?"

"Yes, but don't worry. Tonight isn't about money, just about us."

I take her hand and guide her to my car.

(At Aubaine)

*Olivia's POV*

We pull up to Aubaine and the outside is beautiful! It is all glass and looks super classy and elegant. We walk up to the entrance, which is a big glass door out lined in chocolate brown wood. Louis holds it open for me and I step in. The inside is even more beautiful! It has rows of booths on the walls and exposed brick. In the middle are cute little two seat tables. Each has a a pink candle as a center piece.

"How many?" A girl with short blond hair asks Louis. I look at her name tag and see her name is Scarlet.

"Actually we have a reservation for two."

"What last name is it under?" Really, she doesn't know who Louis is? Has she been under a rock?

"Tomlinson," he answers.

"Yes, you are right here. Follow me," She grabs two menus and walks us over to a two person table. "Enjoy your meal." she says while placing our menus on the table. Louis pulls my chair away from the table and I sit in it, he pushes it back in.

"Thank you Louis."

"Your welcome Love."

We look over our menus and decide what we want. Just then our waiter walks up to our table. "Hello my name is Ryan and I will be your waiter this evening. Can I take your order?"

I look at Louis and nod at him, signaling for him to go first. "Yes, I will have the chicken with steamed broccoli. And a Pepsi to drink."

The waiter nods and looks at me. "I will have the house salad with ranch on the side please. And a glass of red wine to drink."

"Okay, I will be right out with your drinks." Ryan takes our menus and walks off.

"Red wine?" Louis asks.

"Yeah whats wrong with that?" I ask concerned.

"Nothing, just that when I met you that is the drink you spilled on me." He smiles and lets out a little laugh.

My cheeks turned deep red at the memory. I forgot about the red wine. "Babe, it's Okay. It was just funny that's all. And I can't drink because I am the driver. So you are teasing me with alcohol."

"Whoops, I didn't mean to sorry."

"It's okay, I'm just joking."

Ryan brings us our drinks and informs us that our food will be out in a few minutes. When Ryan walks away Louis takes my hand and stairs deeply into my eyes.

"Olivia, I know this is only our first real date, but I can't stand not calling you my girlfriend. It's really soon and I get if you don't want to but, will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?"

"Oh my god, yes. I will happily be your girlfriend Louis. Just promise me you wont hurt me." 

"Honey, I would never hurt you."

"Then yes, I will be your girlfriend."

"Thank you so much Olivia! I will never hurt you or disappoint you." I kiss him in response.

Ryan then shows up with the food. We eat and soon dinner is over. Louis pays and we leave.

When we get into the car Louis asks me to spend the night again and I easily say yes.

(At Louis flat)

*Louis' POV*

We arrive at my flat and I bring Olivia up to my room. She spent the night last night so she knows where my shirts are. She walks over to my dresser and pulls out my 'I LOVE 1D' shirt...and yes I have a shirt that says that. It's my band..and I love it. Anyway, she undresses in front of me with no problem and I watch her the whole time. The shirt doesn't cover her whole butt, but I'm not complaining. I quickly undress and now I am only in boxers. We lay in bed talking about random stuff and we both get tired after a few hours. Olivia falls asleep on my shoulder. I'm so happy that I can call her Olivia, my girlfriend. I kiss her forehead and drift off to sleep.

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