Chapter 20

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Hey guys here's a semi short chapter, I hope you guys enjoy it!

I stretched out in bed, as I slowly began to open my eyes. I was surprised, yet happy to find Jaxon still laying next to me. He was laying flat on his back, arm tucked behind his head, he looked so handsome just laying there, peacefully asleep. Well at least I thought he was sleeping. He stirred lightly, smiling, without opening his eyes, "why are you staring at me?"

I snuggle closer to him, laying on the right side his peck. "You're still here," I smiled looking up at him, pointing out the obvious.

He snorts slightly, opening his eyes and looks down at me. "Baby, you've only been asleep for about an hour."

"An hour?" I furrow my eyebrows. I roll over to the other side, checking the clock on my nightstand, he was right. It's only a few minutes passed midnight. Jaxon snakes an arm around my waist, rolling me back onto my back, as he hovers over me.

I instantly noticed the slightly red, pinkish marks on his neck. It's already started to heal so it no longer looks like bite marks, more of just irritated skin. "Hey.." I averted my attention back to his face, "it's fine, stop worrying about it." He says gently. I nod, smiling back at him," how are you feeling?"

"Better," I lied.

I mean physically I felt better, but emotionally wise I still felt pretty shitty. I turned around grabbing onto his arm, he had it prompt next to my face, holding him up. I started to play with his arm hair, tracing my fingers up and down just like last time. I loved the feel of his arm hair on my fingertips. He lets out a dry, soft, chuckle. "What is with you an my arm?"

I shrug, "It just helps relax me." I turn to look up at him smiling.

He goes to lick his lips before answering, "What's on your mind?"

I gently push him off me so I can sit up right. He does the same thing, taking my hand in his, giving it a soft squeeze. "Baby steps remember. You don't have to unload everything. Just pick one if you want too."

I thought about it for a few seconds, after awhile I finally grew the courage to say what was on my mind. "I just miss her so much," and just like that, the second I spoke those words out loud, I felt my eyes threatening to water up.

"Your mom?" He asked softly, I nodded.

I could've chose one of the many million things running around in my head, but I felt like it was only right to tell him about my mom, just like he told me about his family. His words from earlier kept playing over and over in my head. "You don't ever have to hide who you are from me." I wanted Jaxon to know that I did trust him, and in order to do that, I have to show him all of me. Id have to show him all my ugly, to get to where I'm at now.

I took a deep breath, "she died about ten years ago.. They took my mother from me when I needed her the most in my life. I was only a teenager when she got killed." I started laughing softly as I thought of an old memory. "She use to call me Baby V when I was little, because I was her baby Vampire. My mom was my world. She was all I had when my dad was to busy working." I stayed quiet staring off into space, when I felt Jaxon gently squeeze my hand.

"She and My uncle's wife were out shopping one day, having some 'girl time' when it happened. They were walking out of one of the boutique's downtown, when someone started firing at them. I didn't know what my dad's business was back then, I just knew he was highly respected, powerful, and was always busy. But apparently he had upset the wrong vampires, and they thought they would retaliate by going after his wife. Sadly, they didn't know which two of the women was my mother. So they decided to send silver rounds into her and my aunts chest, killing them both." My voice grew cold, cold, and filled with anger.

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