Chapter 49: The Treehouse

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Song of the chapter is "Hallucinations" by dvsn.



It was dark when Evangeline walked into Andrea's cabin. She smelled clean like she had just showered. She quickly walked to me and rubbed her cheek against mine then gave me a tight hug. "I am sorry that my brother has somehow lost his balls. I don't know how or when he will get them back, but I know he will."

I laughed as Andrea rolled her eyes and hugged Evangeline again. "It's ok, it just–" I sighed a and looked at her sympathetic eyes. "It just hurts, ya know?"

She nodded then looked at Andrea then back at me. "Well, what's going on?"

"Tell her Char," Andrea said with a tone that was firm, but gentle.

"Evangeline, remember the whispers?"

She nodded as Andrea handed her a glass of wine. "Ya, Evan told me what happened the other night. Ethan was freaked out. He literally checks all the windows and doors on both our cabins every night."

"Hold on what?" I felt my wolf's ears perk up.

Evangeline shrugged. "I thought you knew?" I shook my head as she let out an annoyed breath. "My damn brother," she grumbled. She looked back at me with a half-smile. "Ever since then before he goes to bed he checks all the doors and windows on both our cabins. I saw him doing it one day, but I don't think you were home. I asked him what he was doing and he said that ever since that night he just feels like he has to."

"I wonder why," Andrea mused out loud.

I felt my wolf whine. She was frustrated with our male, but hearing this from Evangeline made her miss him. I tried to relax her, I knew it was hard. It was hard on me too.

"Anyways, one day I followed the whispers," I said as Evangeline's brows rose. "Thomas stopped me before I touched it. They led me to the tree, the one all the alpha's swear a blood oath on."

"What?" she gasped out.

I nodded. "I went back with Evan and touched it."

"And?" Her eyes were big and searching desperately in mine.

I sighed and gave her a small half-smile. "It felt like I was seeing memories, they were memories. I saw at first Levi and Eve. Eve asked him to come with her and he said no. It was the day they came here, the day of the attack. He called her 'little red.'"

"What?" she breathed out as her eyes began to swirl with tendrils of pain.

"I saw Thomas, but it wasn't really anything, he was just talking to someone on the phone. Then I saw your mother." I paused as she bit her lip. "She was humming that dancing bears song from 'Anastasia' and making a sandwich. She was cutting the crust off when Ethan walked in. He had been sparring with Eli. She called him 'white hot.' God, he felt like it too, I could feel him even in the memory."

I stopped when I realized that Evangeline was stilled with shock as sadness started to swirl in her eyes. I quickly hugged her and nuzzled her cheek with mine. My beast didn't like paining her, or seeing her like this, but we knew we had to tell her

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