Leo: oh you know

His hand slowly moved upward pulling up your shirt until he let it go to cup your small framed face in his hands that was now rubbing your cheek. You could feel his hand leaving your cheek and slithering it's way to the back of your neck having spine tingling chills go through you as absentmindedly clinched his shirt wanting what ever Leo was going to do.

Like a ninja do, he managed to pick you up using both hands under you causing your legs to automatically wrap around his waist. You squeaked by his action holding on to him with your neck buried in his neck.

Leo:  Burying your head won't stop you from moaning baby girl

You: What was that Le-aaahh

I small yet very noticeable moan came out of you once having the finger of his pressing on your privates through your pants. Your head picked up itself staring at the teen adult holding you up.


Leo: love you too

He smashed his lips to yours tasting something different on his wanting lips, maybe cause he was human but that didn't cross your mind; Only that you wanted more of it, of him. And that's what you got, feeling him deepen the kiss, Leo's tongue touched your bottom lip asking for an entrance until he took it upon himself to use his teeth to tug on your bottom lip letting out another unnormal sound from you.

You: Leo....you haven't acted....like this since....Uh oh

Leo:I knew you would remember (y/n), now let's finish from what should've happened last time

Play backs of last mating season flowed though your mind, but you were captured in another sweet, lustful kiss and you kissed back even harder letting your hormones get the better of you, but did you give a damn?

Ah nah

One hand held you up off the ground under your butt being close to the door and his abs. His other hand that was leaning on the wall now roamed your body, as of right now his hand was rubbing on your thigh going from the inner thigh and to the outer part of your thigh going terribly slow know he's teasing.

You:Leo what ever your bout to do, just do it already

You grew inpatient then closed your eyes and groaned. At that same moment Leo knew that was the perfect moment  to get you; his left hand grabbed your breast and started to thread them with his fingers watching with intense emotions watching how your face changed in to so many things you couldn't help it. It was a new feeling to you and you strangely loved this side of your boyfriend.

You moved your hands to push his back but it back fired with his hand that held you vanished but before you could fall on your butt he held both of your wrists above your head leaving you vulnerable to his wanting body.

Leo:(y/n) I love you so much it hurts when your not here. But I got you now and I won't let you go

You: well well you know what Elsa said 'Let it go'

Leo:*deeply chuckles* how about you let your gold card go

Your face was redder than Erza's hair right now. Leo's head came closer and nibbled on your ear lovingly, his fingers hovered over your pants bottoms. Without you noticing he managed to slip his hand in and your eyes finally bolted open looking at him like he was crazy but he continued to nibble on you to move down to your neck and suck on a spot of skin on you that made you arch your back letting at sounds that he was wishing to hear.

His hand slowly crept further into your pants shivering at the sudden contact. You could feel him smile on your skin feeling his hot breath on you.

You: L-Leo

Leo stopped in his track right on your core making you groan in protest.

Leo: Do you want me to stop (y/n)?

You hesitated for a moment not knowing which one would be the best choice

Hahahahahahaha just joking XD
Like that was a hard question, you didn't even respond with words except you did it with a kiss turning it into a make out section.

You heard the bathroom doors knob behind you creak and your body and Leo's went backwards making it the perfect position to get some business done


Leo: what was that baby

You: H&H

Leo: what does that mean?

You: Horny and human

Leo: Ya damn right, now spread them legs

Hey everyone,

How was it?

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But I have a question for y'all

Y'all want me to continue with the others for this scenario


Still do one shots, because there's still a few people who didn't get one yet

So vote and comment my lovely friends


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