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Enemy. Foe. Opponent. Rival. Richard.

Not many would think that once years ago Alessio and Richard were the best of friends. Inseparable to those around them. Always together in harmony.

When one fell the other helped the one in need. When one needed an extra hand the other was there to lend it. But when the world crashed no one was there to rebuild it.

Richard's parents had been a part of the Italian mafia, helping and funding them. His family had even been a part of falling of other companies. Killing there way to be able to get to the top.

This news did not settle well when the Addonizio family found out. They had been close with people willing to hurt others to accomplish what they wanted. Their ties with the Steel company were cut and when others found out about their under ground work others also did the same. With no one on their side, but those inside the mafia, the Steels slowly crumbled and lost their fortune.

Richard had been sent to America when everything happened to his family. He had not been there to see how his mother or father were shamed by the people they once called friends, and with no way to help them he vowed to get his revenge. That the Addonizio name would be shamed just like his.

That had been ten years ago. Richard was only eighteen yet his vow to himself had stuck with him.

He had built his own empire and made himself a tycoon all on his own and, now the time has finally come for his promise to himself to come alive.

Alessio did not know what was soon to get him.


"Ines... Ines please listen to me!" Stella begged for her sister's attention, but her eyes were glued on a table at the far end of the restaurant.

A single man sat there. Dressed in a black suite that looked very expensive. His blonde hair was set back, and every once in awhile when it would fall on his face he would take his right hand and swoop it through his silk locks. It was as if he had completely forgotten the existence of gel that morning.

Stella snapped her fingers in front of Ines's face, but as if she was in some other world, her eyes did not move nor flinch.

What did this man have that Ines found so interesting?

A loud sigh was formed by Stella who had given up on catching her sisters attention after five minutes. Today was suppose to be a catching up day. One where Stella would tell Ines just how amazing Oxford was going, but it seemed that that had to wait.

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