Truth be told

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   After the date I knew I would be questioned. I have no idea who that guy was but oddly he seemed familiar. I get back to her brothers house.

"Why did he call you Cassandra" Miranda asks. Dammit there it is.

"Its my real name I didn't like it when I was younger so I told you Adrian and I kept it that way when I ran away from Raven" I say.

"What did she do to you?" she asks. I sigh.

"Bae please" she asks. I sigh.

"Alright lay down its a long story" I say. She gets on the bed next to me.


I had been with Raven for almost a year. We were chilling in the house. Her phone went off so I answered.  This girl asked who I was
" uh who are you" she asked with a attitude.
"Your worse night mare if you don't tell me why the fuck you calling my woman's phone" I said with venom. I was 15 at this point.
"Aha oh she was over here and left her watch you know after she got done fucking me." the girl taunted.
"Good to know you wanna talk to her?" I ask pissed.
"Duh that's why I called HER phone" she said. I laughed evilly. I went down stairs where she was watching the game. I threw the phone at her.
"What the fuck Kasey" she asked.
"Yo side hoe calling" I said and her face fell. I walked upstairs. I heard her behind me. I went to the bedroom and slammed the door.
"Kasey open the door" she said. I had locked it. I didn't say anything I turned on my stomach. Somehow she got in and I felt her get on the bed. I was expecting to hear her apologises instead I felt a sharp pain in my head. She yanked me off the bed by my hair and slammed me on the floor.
"What the fuck is wrong with you" I yelled. I was staring at a monster she did not look like my girlfriend.
"Aha I should ask you that" she said so coldly. I was scared she looked deadly. She walked over and shut the  door. She turned on some music.
"Baby what are you-" my words were cut short when she backhanded me. My face stung so bad. My head was spinning or I could not get up.
"No body told ya stupid ass to answer my phone"She spat. I scream when she kicked me that shit made my body fall.
"Then you lock my door oh and you throw a fucking tantrum that some childish shit I thought you were better than that." She fired. I couldn't talk. The room was spinning.
"You wanna know why I cheated because your never here Kasey and we have been doing nothing but arguing"she said  right in my face because she was on top of me.
"You know this would not have happen if you just stopped overreacting Kasey and if you listened to what the fuck I tell you" she said. I felt her hand around my neck tighten things started spotting and I blacked out.
   When I woke up on the bed and I  instantly got off the bed and scrabbled to the closet and started packing my stuff.
"You gonna leave me to like the rest of them" Raven said popping up out of nowhere with a glass of liquor. Her eyes were red because of crying. I froze. I just stared I couldn't talk. She walked to me. I shrunk away.
"Comere please don't leave I love you and I wouldn't be able to live without you" She said. She had a gun on her lap.
"When the you close the door I pull the trigger" she says staring down.
"Raven put it away please" I say quietly. I still loved her. I knew she would kill herself if I left. I was all she had and I didn't think I could stay away. She needs me I couldn't leave her.
"No I cant and wont live without you" She says and cocks the gun.
"Okay baby I'll stay I'll stay I love you comere" I say slowly walking up to her. I wrap my arm around her sliding the gun away.
"Promise me you wont leave me"  she says. I nod and pull it completely off her lap and throw it across the room.
"I wont leave you" I say while she silently cries in my shoulder. She kissed my neck.
"You cant hit me again Raven." I say.
"I know I'm sorry I won't I promise"
"I wanna make love you" she whispered. I kiss her even though her breathe smelled like whiskey.  She took all my clothes off. I remember her panting and heavy breathing while she was on top and inside of me. 
"I love you so much" she said on top of me. I just moaned.
"Says you love me too"she said. I whispered it.
"Louder" she growled. I was use to her aggression. So I did as told.
"Good girl now say your mine"Raven demanded. It was harsher.
"I'm yours"I said out of fear though I was scared that hard look came over her face. She backhanded me
"Oh baby I'm sorry I didn't mean to I got carried away I love you.....Why do you hate me do u not love me anymore" She asked I was so fucking confused. I just kissed her and inserted my finger in her.

     After we finished, she lit a cigarette like she usually do. I laid down watching her.
"What?" she asked
"I love you" I said.
"I love you too."she said.
     She started doing coke and I found out. I was at home. I was cleaning up the house and found a bag with white powder. I opened it bag and tasted a little. I knew it wasn't sugar or flour. I felt my blood boil. She knew she has mental issues. I walk upstairs and find her meds the bottle looks untouched.
"Baby you here?"  I heard Raven say.
"Uh huh come up we gotta talk" I called out to her. She comes upstairs. She was in a green shirt and black pants and flowers.
"Hey beautiful" she said wrapping here arms around my waist while giving me flowers. I sigh.
"Baby when did you start?" I asked and held up the bag of coke to her. Her face got hard.
"Where did you find that?"she asked.
"In your pocket while I was doing laundry." I said.
"Why the fuck were you going through my shit" she asked pissed.
"I was not going through your shit I always check your pockets to make sure you don't forget anything because you've beat my ass for washing you black card" I said aggravated. Yes it had gotten to the point she was beating my ass for senseless mistakes. I knew something was up with her. But I didn't know what. She walks away. I follow pissed.
"Raven tell me why you haven't taken you meds" I asked. She let out a frustrated breathe.
"I'm a grown ass woman that's why I don't wanna take the shit I don't have fucking problem Kasey stop fucking questioning me"She growled.
"Fuck ever Raven"  I rolled my eyes and go downstairs and call my aunt.
"Wassup how are you?" Farah asked.
"Okay I miss you though" I said. It was to the point Raven let me see my family but its limited. She made me move in with her. My aunt didn't like it but she doesn't know Raven abuses me.

"Miss you too hows everything."She asked. "My mentally unstable girlfriend is not on her meds and is doing coke oh and beats the shit out of me consistently to the point I had to start taking high school classes online because teachers asked to many questions." I think to myself but I said:
"Okay I wanna come see you though"
"I'd like that Bailey is coming down this week you could spend the day with us"she said.
"That would be-"I start but the phone is ripped out my hand and thrown across the room breaking it.
"What the fuck!"I yell at Raven. Wrong move.
"Don't raise your voice at me" she threatened.
"Did I say you could call that bitch"she fired grabbing the back of my neck. I was body slammed. I hit the ground so hard I started gasping for air.
"Look at you ya pathetic ass" she smiled.
"Why do you always make me hit you" she yells. I stared at her.
"You dumb bitch" she yell and kicks me in the stomach. I stared blacking out.
"I love you"she say I feel a sharp pain in my stomach I touch it and feel liquid. Shit she stabbed me.


So I'ma expand this flash back over two chapters.

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