Preference #9: His Favorite Thing About You

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Scott - Your eyes. If there's one thing about you that Scott loves, it's your eyes. He thinks you have the most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. He can always tell what your feeling once he looks into your eyes. You have often caught Scott staring into your eyes when your telling him something which makes you have to repeat yourself several times.

Stiles - Your laugh. We all know that Stiles is one of the funniest people on the face of the Earth and he never fails to make you smile or laugh. Your laugh is like music to his ears. You can always count on Stiles to make a crappy day better. He is constantly making the most ridiculous faces, coming up with the funniest jokes, and makes the sassiest and most sarcastic threats to anybody (mainly guys) that says anything negaitve towards you or that tries to hog your attention.

Isaac - Your height. It's pretty obvious that Isaac super tall. You, on the other hand, are not. Isaac loves how much taller he is compared to you. Two of Isaac's favorite things to do is to give you piggy back rides and pick you up and spin you around when you kiss each other. He loves how you constantly need him to get things down from the top shelf.

Derek - How calm and humorous you are. You have always been a clam person and pretty funny too. That's what drew Derek to you. He loves how you can keep your cool in any type of situation unlike himself. Derek also loves your sense of humor and how you can lighten the mood. Sometimes Derek says that you have been hanging out with Stiles too much but you disagree.

Jackson - How kind and caring you are. The thing that Jackson admires the most about you is how you are kind and caring to everyone, especially him. He has never really had someone care about him as much as you do and he absolutely loves it. As much as Jackson admires your kind and caring nature, he is always afraid that someone will take advantage of this and hurt you.

Aiden - Your lips. Aiden finds your lips to be addictive. He constantly kisses you and he doesn't care who sees. When your sitting in class, you have often caught him staring at your lips from his desk across the room. Aiden has a tendency to kiss you when your in the middle of telling him something. He always jumps at the chance to kiss you on the lips when you're in front of boys whether they're your friends or not.

A/N: I am so sorry for not updating in like forever! I hope y'all don't hate me and will forgive me! The picture on the side is to make up for the long wait. I love all of my little wolfies! That's what I'm going to start calling y'all (:

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