Chapter 1 - The Abuse

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~•~ You ~•~

I wake up and check my alarm clock. 

"6 am! Perfect!" I smile and get up from my bed.

I walk over to my bathroom and get ready. I put on my school uniform:

I smile at myself in the mirror

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I smile at myself in the mirror. I was never really good at makeup since nobody taught me. I put my hair up into a pony tail and put on my fake glasses.

"Heya beautiful" I wink in the mirror laughing a bit to myself.

I leave the bathroom and grab my backpack and head downstairs. I cautiously look around for my parents.

"*sigh of relief* Thank go-" I say starting to walk to the front door.

"Y/N L/N!" My dad yells from upstairs

"Oh no..." I mumble

"Y-yes dad?" I respond


"Downstairs... I-I'm getting ready to go to school..."

I hear heavy footsteps come down the stairs.


"I'm going to school dad I-"

"NOT AT 6 AM!"

"B-but dad my extra curricular classes start at 6:30" I shake


"N-no sir.." 


"O-okay..." I sigh

I walk back to the kitchen and start to make some eggs, bacon, and rice. I set the table making a quick toast for myself.

"D-dad I'm going to get going now... Is that okay?" I ask 

"Go. Get out of my face you skank." 

I nod and quickly leave the house. I hear my dad call out to my mother as I walk to school.

(15 Minutes Later...)

I finally get to school as I'm greeted by my best friends, Carson, Marcy, and Liam.

Carson was the shy one in our group, he was very attractive he's hard to crack but he's super comfortable around us. Just around other people he's very quiet. Him and Marcy are dating, they've been together ever since we were all sophomores.  He had brown hair that went up into a Mohawk but came out in the front. He had light green eyes, he was slightly toned.

Marcy was the leader. She was the tough one, she always stood up for each of us when we needed her. She was a cold bitch to others but with us she was an angel. She was gorgeous, every guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. She wasn't a slut though, she was dating Carson, she only wanted him. Marcy had blonde hair and gray eyes. Her hair was always down or curled she hardly ever put it up. She had C cup breasts and her but looked a little over average.

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