The Illusionist: A Marvel/Loki fanfic

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Why would he do all this for me, the mischevious, devious, overly caring demigod with no allies? Most people, when they discover who I am, scream "RUN!! It's the son of LOKI!!!" and chuck anything in sight at my head. But not him. I wonder what he sees in me that most everyone else in every realm doesn't. It's obviously something special, because no one's ever found it in me before.

Meet Kier: the misunderstood son of Loki, god of mischief. Everyone thinks of him like a small version of his dad: cruel, cunning, and having the uncanny ability to make a sly comment at the right time. Sure, he likes to steal things. But he only does when he has to. He actually cares about life and tries to protect it. Unlike his father, who always seems to drag him into stealing things for his own benefit, using some violence along the way. But after his father takes over his mind to attempt to retake Midgard, Kier has had enough. He breaks free of his father's control and runs away. After then, life for Kier has been a mess of twists and turns, allies and enemies, death and life. Will he ever get back to Asgard alive and free? Or will he remain on Midgard until the end? 

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