Chapter 2

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"Daddy?" Asher groaned in frustration when he saw Tori by his bedside. She was holding the grey teddy bear again. He was in the middle of some business when she clearly barged in. He had left her in front of the telly watching some cartoons, but obviously she got bored.

"Bit busy," he grunted out.

"How are you carrying on with a little girl here?" Asher looked down at the lady he was currently hooking up with. He didn't know her name, probably Abby or Annie or something, but they always casually hooked up. He wasn't into her, she had a boyfriend anyway. He didn't like booking up with women who had boyfriends but she was an exception. She came on to him anyway.

"I don't want to lose my rhythm," he told her. She rolled her eyes at him and tried pushing him off. He too rolled his eyes and pulled away from her. He was still hovering above her when he remembered Tori was in the room. "Go wait outside, Tori," he instructed her. She then ran outside the room.

"Never said you had a kid," she said to him.

"And you never said you had a boyfriend," he retorted back, getting off of the bed and pulling on his jeans.

"Yet you're still screwing me," she grins.

"You're an awful human being," he told her, then throwing on his shirt. She questioned him, asking him. "Cheating on your man. Putting me in a lot of crap, you know? But it's nothing I can't handle," he proudly boasted. It was true. He had been through worse than a jealous and hurt boyfriend. Well, not that he had encountered that yet.

"With a kid, you should be more careful." He picked up her clothes and threw them at her. She rolled her eyes, again, and put on her clothes. She was thinking of putting on a show for Asher but he wasn't even looking. He was already out the bedroom door.

"What were you doing, daddy?" Tori asked, her eyes almost as big as the moon. They held curiosity in them but also confusion. "You on top of her," she pointed out. "You seem like you were in pain," she carried on, making the woman stifle a laugh as she walked past them. "Bye!" She waved at the woman but the woman didn't notice. She just walked out of the house without a second glance.

"Look, it's an activity that grown ups do. Your mummy and I did it and you were born." He wasn't so sure if that's how you tell a kid on how they were created. He didn't have any fatherly instincts in him. Well, not yet anyway. "I mean, you'll probably learn about it when you're older. Now, what did you want?"

"Can you play with me?" He nodded his head, knowing he will later regret saying yes. He was curious as to how she could speak almost perfectly. She only seemed around three. It then occurred to him that he didn't even know how old his child was. He did a quick sum of how long ago he and Juliet slept together but he couldn't really remember. So, he asked Tori how old she was. "Four!" she exclaimed, holding up three fingers. He let out a chuckle and pulled one of her fingers up.

"That's four, Tori. This," he said, holding up three fingers, "is three."

"Oh." Her mouth was in a big 'O' shape as she looked to her fingers. She then held up five fingers. "What this?"

"Five." She then shrugged and ran to her toys. It has been a week since Mary had come by again and dropped off all of Tori's things. He didn't have anywhere to put it since he hasn't yet sorted out a room for Tori. He had business and sometimes had to leave Tori alone while she slept. He wasn't father of the year but he did hate leaving her alone. Already he was worrying about what would happen if she woke up and he wasn't here. One time it did and he came home to her crying her eyes out. That night, he cradled her in his arms until she fell asleep.

He wasn't too fond of the idea. She was a little kid and kids were just not his - which everyone knows by now. But he felt guilty and oddly, didn't like to see her cry. He also felt like he owed it to Juliet to at least try and make an effort. So, that's what he was doing.

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