Chapter 1- About my self

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Hello my lovelies,welcome all to the start of my new book. Hope you will enjoy, I know I will;) i'm really excited for this book!!! If you do end up enjoying it check out MY NEW BOOK LITTLE MISS FIERCE and MILLIONAIRE BABY.


Let me explain to you who I am, my name is Hayley Montgomery I'm 17 years old and go to North High Academy in England. I can't lie and say I'm not pretty because I am. I have long blonde hair and deep blue eyes that often mesmirise alot of men. I have a models figure and many girls want to be me and some also hate me. I don't really care about all the haters because thats what happens when you're considered the most popular and beautiful girl in the academy. — Amongst the people who want to be you, you also get haters but surprisingly I'm not your typical Queen bee, I am nice, caring and mostly honest— That was until I got my heart broken.

Long story short I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend, yes ouch the feeling of betrayal hurt like a bitch. However, I'm over it now, being loyal sometimes doesn't work. I'll forever remain loyal to who I'm with but for now I'm single and for now I want my revenge. How many girls do you see get their hearts broken from stupid boys but then again we can switch it around and ask the same about girls. Although in this case, I've seen more boys do the damaging so I decided on making a plan for all the boys who love the countless girls they're with. Who are pretty much man whores and sleep with whatever has a pulse.

It's time to teach these players a lesson, give them a taste of their own medicine. What happens when you play the players at there own game? Its true that if you play with fire you get burnt. I'm considering myself as the fire, now are you willing to get burnt boys?

Oh you're the player you say? Well honey I'm the coach and I'll be teaching you a few lessons because the sweet bitter truth about this all is; Karma's a bitch.

So what do you think of Hayley so far? I think she's a bad ass bitch. Her best friend and boyfriend? What dicks. What do you think she'll do? Find out what happens next and of course comment your opinions and questions even message me if you want;) COTE ME MY LOVELIES.



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