Sacrificing My Happiness, For His

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My mate was amazing!

I couldn’t wait to tell him that we were mates, we already had such a great relationship with each other that I knew it would work out perfectly.

With the struggle life has given me so far, this was finally a bright spot in all the darkness.

I saw him on the football field, going over the teams practice with the coach and some other players. He was gorgeous. Tall, 6 ft 3 in to be exact, with a model perfect body, just enough muscles to nicely fill out any t-shirt without being too outrageous, and long legs that carried him with strength. His black hair was sweaty and had a bit of helmet head, but it only added to his appeal. He glanced my way and those green sparkles shot electricity straight through my body from head to toe. He smiled and I practically melted into the ground.

It was so strange to see my best friend in this new light. We’d been friends since our diaper days, heck, we used to shower together. I’m sure I could find some pictures of it if I looked. That could be fun, definitely something to do later. As he turned back to the coach, I had a moment of weakness.

Would he be happy that we were mates? I was just you’re average girl, straight brown hair to my shoulders, tiny figure with medium sized breasts, boring brown eyes, little button nose, and pouty lips. I did have killer legs, though. I was 5 ft. 3 and came up to his chin when standing face to face. Was that enough to hold his attention? Girls were always fawning all over him, he’s been with his fair share of them and was a bit of a man whore, but he always treated them respectfully. Making sure they knew up front that what they were doing wasn’t serious. I credit our friendship for making him such a gentleman. He’s always watching out for me when it comes to guys, and not wanting anyone to do something like that to me, he decided he shouldn’t do that to someone else.

You see what I mean, he’s amazing!

I worried myself over it a little more before realizing that no matter what he thought of my appearance, we were best friends and he already had that type of love for me. Once we started our mating, the more romantic feelings would come along with the help of our wolves connection. I took a minute to curse the fates for the way this whole mate thing went. We aren’t able to find our mates until our eighteenth birthday, and then it’s the girl who first realizes it by picking up our mates scent. Then once we find it, and our eyes meet for the first time after discovering our other halves, a jolt hit’s the she wolf’s heart. The male wolf won’t know until a kiss is shared. This allows the she wolf to be the aggressor in the beginning, allowing the male his turn after their mating is started. 

He smiled even brighter after coach handed him a piece of paper and I suddenly wished he could be the aggressor now. My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing a mile a minute as he ran my way with a huge smile on his face. Quick as a flash he was in front of me, wrapping his arms around my waist as he picked me up and swung me around.

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