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5 years later…

“Mom, she’s doing it again,” ten year old Cody shouted from the family room.

“Doing what, Cody?” Harmony asked, holding her baby bump.

“She’s teasing me again!”

“Hayley, leave your brother alone.”

“But mama, he was with Casey again, I saw em by the lake. I think he was going to take her temperature!” Five year old Hayley shouted back.

Harmony cursed herself for ever coming up with such a dumb excuse for kissing. Then Hayley’s words registered. “What do you mean he was going to take her temperature?”

Just then, a black haired, green eyed fireball burst through the kitchen door followed by an upset Cody, “Yeah mama, I saw them. They were sitting on the dock with their feet in the water, and Cody got closer to Casey, and was looking at her all funny, then he got close like daddy does with you. He was gonna take her temperature mommy, I just know it.”

“I was not, she thought she had an eyelash in her eye. I was going to help her get it out,”





“Okay enough,” Harmony said exasperated.

Hearing her mommy voice come out, they both quieted. Just then, a laughing Hunter ran into the room with Trevor close behind. They both stopped when they noticed the look on Harmony’s face.

“Uh-oh, somebody’s in trouble,” Hunter said, his blue eyes flashing in excitement.

“Looks that way doesn’t it, what happened?” Trevor asked, coming to stand beside Harmony and putting an arm around her waist.

“Well, it seems Hayley was up to her spying again and caught Cody about to do something he knows he shouldn’t with Casey,” Harmony informed him.

“He what?”

“I wasn’t, I was looking for an eyelash!”

“How many times have I tried that line, and I was way older than you,” Trevor stated.

“Oh really?” Harmony asked with a raised eye brow.

Trevor, knowing to tread on thin ground, with Harmony’s pregnancy hormones just below the surface said, “That was way before you, honey. When I was just a young boy, a little older than Cody. I would gladly help check you for any stray eyelashes if you want.”

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