Here Come The Twins

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Dedicated to those of you that wanted this surprise:)


“Breathe baby.” 

“I’m trying but every time a contraction hits I can’t think past the pain. Shouldn’t this be easier, being that I’m a werewolf?” Harmony grumbled. She had been pushing for 20 min already, and we were getting closer to the arrival of our first child, but the pain she was going through was killing the both of us. I hated seeing her in so much pain, I wanted to bear it for her. I originally wanted a big family, but if this is what she’ll go through every time, then I’ll be happy with the three we have.

“Sorry sweetie, but it doesn’t matter if you’re human or animal, birth is a painful process, but you’re doing great. The head is crowning, just a few more pushes.” Dr. Steven’s assured Harmony.

I brushed her hair back from her sweaty face. She was doing great, and she hadn’t even grabbed my balls once. 

“Okay Harmony, we’re almost there, when the next contraction hits give me one big push.” Dr. Stevens coaxed.

Harmony looked at her exasperated, “Every single push I’ve been giving you has been a big one! If I push any harder, my whole stomach is going to come out with the baby!”

Sensing her frustration I leaned close to her ear while still brushing her hair back, “You can do this baby, you’re amazing! I’m here for you every step of the way.”

She looked into my eyes and mirrored the love I had for her, then she turned back to the doctor and pushed with all her might as the contraction hit her. I watched in awe as I saw a tiny head full of black hair peek out, then recede once again, “Holy crap, I just saw the head. Keep it up babe, he’s on his way out.”

She took a few breaths and pushed again, this time the whole head appeared. After a couple more tries the room filled with the most beautiful wailing sound I ever heard and my first son, Hunter Hanes was born. The doctor let me cut the cord and after her assistant helped clean and weigh him, he was put under the warmer as my second son was charging right after his brother.

Another head full of dark black hair was emerging, and just as quick as his brother, my second son was born.

“Umm, it seems there was a little bit of a mix up with the ultrasound.” Dr. Stevens said surprised.

Tired, and a little alarmed, Harmony asked, “What’s wrong, is he okay?”

“Oh, the baby is fine, it’s just that he, is actually a she. Trevor and Harmony, meet your daughter.” She said holding the baby closer as we examined her baby parts. Sure enough, our second twin was not a boy, but a girl.

Harmony’s eyes watered as the tears fell, and I noticed my eyes getting a little blurry themselves. We were blessed with a son and a daughter. I kissed Harmony on the lips and it was filled with love, trust, and appreciation. She just brought my children into the world, and besides her and Cody, they were the best things in my life.

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