The Truth

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"Come closer Thea. I would like to talk." 

Slowly I start towards the rocks. Every step I take I can feel her power grow stronger. Before long I reach the bottom of the pile and begin climbing. She watches me intently, with such focus it's a little frightening. The climb really wasn't hard, considering I've hung off a ledge, holding on with only my fingers and made it up. Another unnecessary risk.

Once I was at the top, I was completely amazed by the power radiating towards my from a girl who looked so young. Now, don't get me wrong. If anyone, I would know that looks can deceiving. Age means nothing. But with her, I could not only see the confidence but it was like waves rolling off her. I knew she could do some damage and with the light literally emanating from her it would be a lot.

"Please sit, I don't have much time." She pats a space beside her and I sit. No fight, no struggle. I just know I can trust her, that she's someone who cares about me. With the cold rock under me I though I would freeze but her warmth was simply consuming me, keeping me safe.

"Do you know who I am?" she asks, taking hold of one of my hands.

"I-I think so. Artemis?" I stutter. Like, I legit stuttered. I haven't done that since...Benet. 

"Correct," she smiles, her eyes lighting up "Now, I have a lot to say but you won't understand most of it. Not yet, that is. You've already noticed you don't fit in, not even here. And I'm sorry, you won't for a long time but...just keep going, okay. You're strong, and smart, and you have a very important role in the future. Understand?"

She pauses just long enough to let me nod, then gets right back into it.

"No matter what you do, you can't, CAN NOT, hurt a demigod. This is very important. It will weaken you, more than you know. One final thing, they will try to take you, but don't let them. Everything's moving too fast. You came too early, this wasn't supposed to happen until you were ready. You have to run..." Thunder struck from above, harder and louder than I've ever heard it.

"I must go, but remember to stay strong."

Light began to surround her and it began to hurt my eyes but it looked so beautiful. Just before it all disappeared I caught a glimpse of something amazing. Something I could never describe or even dream of. It took my breath away though it was only there for a mere second.

"Wait!!!" The word was lost in the night's silence, echoing between the trees. Letting me know I was completely alone now.

Wah?!?!?! Was the only thought running through my brain.

So, Artemis, the Artemis, a goddess, was just here. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it. Even if it's been over a week, I still only half believe this is all real. I mean they've shook my entire beliefs. First, Star Trek had transporters all wrong. Second, I am agnostic so this whole god thing is weird. And third, I'm nothing special. I mean, I know I'm a freak, but how could I be important. How could I catch the eye of a god?

Hold the phone. Stop the train or what ever else you say. Images came flooding into my head. All the unexplained...things that have happened when I was around. The fires, magic healing everything could be explained. Even my Jedi mind tricks. Oh, this is awesome! Even if she said I won't fit in and will have to run away, I can still use The Force!!

The next thing she had mentioned I kind of get. I mean, I do have sever empathy but I don't get how it will weaken me. Meh, oh well. People word things weird right.

But the last thing's what troubles me. What's happening so fast? I guess if the gods are real, then the oracles have to be as well. Which means prophecies. Those confusing, rhyme-y things the people were talking about. Will had been complaining to Nico about this new "Great Prophecy" although he certainly didn't think it was all that great. But when I asked about it they just brushed it off and talked about something else. And uh, just to make myself clear, no one, not even an ancient being, is going to make my destiny. I won't allow it. Simple as that.

So it leaves me with a decision. Do I stay or do I go?

I certainly don't fit in here but I can't see myself doing any better anywhere else. If I leave I won't be protected by this magical shield-y thing. And this place has a really nice ocean view with a lake to top it off. Logically, it would be safest to stay. These people could help me and there's an immortal horse-dude with lots of experience with freaks like me. Plus with food and a bed, I could think of a way out of this.

Meh, I'll stay. Even if a goddess told me to run, it isn't my best option for survival. Where would I go? How would I eat? Don't get me wrong, I don't want to piss off someone that powerful but still, I'd rather keep breathing.

I hadn't noticed how long I'd been sitting there. The singing had stopped a while ago and now I could hear sounds coming from the forest. Branches snapping. Leaves rustling. Even a little growling. It suddenly reminded me of the forbidden forest from Harry Potter. With the dark creatures lurking in the shadows. But I suspect You-Know-Who isn't waiting behind a bush to ambush me. But anyway.

Almost as slowly as I had climbed up, I climbed down. Every move was calculated. No sound came from the rocks. No pebbles fell. My breathing was quiet but deep. My heart rate normal. I was calm. In control.

The first noticeable noise that came from me was once I had reached the clearing. It wasn't much but my Butterfly knife hadn't been oiled in a while, so it  squeaked a bit as I opened it. I made it through the forest, being very careful and alert. The end was so close but not close enough. A twig snapped behind me and the unmistakable sound of a snarl sounded maybe five meters away me.

Well great.

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