Favorite Things

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His- Your attitude.

Even though your attitude gets you into trouble with Pein, he finds it rather attractive, when its not aimed at him that is.

Yours- His eyes.

Lets be honest, anyone would be captivated by them. You can't help but stare into them as he talks, sometimes forgetting that he's scolding you, which makes him even angrier.


Hers- Your laugh.

You are a fun loving person and your laugh is extremely addictive. When you laugh it lets her know that you're happy and that's enough to make her happy.

Yours- Her Lips

They are really plump and soft, and her piercing makes them even more irresistible. You occasionally find yourself staring at them as she concentrates on work or as she talks to one of the members.


His- Your butt.

He always tells you how great it looks when you work out or when you're trying to reach something too high up. However, if anyone else was to say so, they'd be sorry.

Yours- His butt.

It started as a joke. When he'd slap your ass, you'd pinch his back in retaliation, or if he complimented yours, then you'd compliment his. But after a while you started to take notice of just how nice it actually was.


His- Your maturity.

He's been around for a while and he can't stand how immature a lot of the girls he meets are. So when he saw how you carried yourself, it was like a breath of fresh air.

Yours- His stitches.

Even though he's not ashamed or embarrassed of them, you still find yourself telling him how attractive they are. They're so different that you're naturally drawn to them. He actually finds it slightly strange, but will always make sure that they're showing when you're in the room.


His- Your lips.

He doesn't even mean to but he can't help himself from getting distracted by your lips. When there's a meeting and your biting your lip trying to focus, it drives him crazy and he's always being scolded for it by Pein.

Yours- His smile.

His smile is infectious. When he smiles you smile. When you two are alone in his room and you make him laugh its like the worlds in your hands. Sure, it's not the hardest thing to accomplish, but the prize is oh-so sweet.


His- Your hands.

He doesn't know what it is or why but he loves your hands. The feeling he gets when you lace your fingers with his or when you give him a massage after a long mission is indescribable. He's always trying to make small, subtle movements to get you to hold him.

Yours- His laugh.

It's so rare so when you first heard it it was as if your heart stopped. It was so short and melodic you swore you would hear it again. Now your evenings are full of you just trying to get him to laugh, and unknown to you he often times just forces a quick laugh to see you smile.


His- Your nose.

He can't help but always pinch and poke it when your pouting just to see you laugh. He also finds it unbelievably cute when you scrunch it up for whatever reason.

Yours- His hair.

Your hands always find themselves tangled in his hair when he rests in your lap or when he's absent mindedly working on a new sculpture. He doesn't mind and now he basically begs you to do it.


His- Your body.

He can't pinpoint exactly what he likes, he just knows he loves it. His hands are always mindlessly skimming over your waist or running over your stomach. He loves how perfect you look and is always sketching your likeness when he can't find his inspiration.

Yours- His tenderness. 

Most people don't see it, but you know. Of course he'd be gentle to his art, making the most precise movements and placing everything perfectly. But it also applies with you. When you get back from a difficult mission, he doesn't say much but makes you sit in his lap as he works. His words are kind and even if he's not holding you, it relaxes you perfectly.


His- Your eyes

He loves how much your eyes tell about you. He can always tell when you're happy, angry, or sad just by watching them. Obito also loves how you look at him. The honesty and security he feels when he looks into them is something he could never get tired of.

Yours- His hands.

His hands are always on you. Whether it be holding your hand, playing with your hair, or drawing meaningless shapes on your back. His hands are extremely warm and you feel the safest when he's holding you.


His- Your compassion.

They know that being with them is difficult and they thank you for being so patient with them. They are trying, really they are and you not pushing them or hounding them to hurry it up is really what they love about you.

You- His personalities.

Most people would be annoyed by the constant bickering or indecisiveness that comes with the two of them but you find it rather entertaining. Sometimes you even provoke them just to see how long it can go on.

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