I assume thats what Claudia what have felt and looked like..... and thats what Louis' hair would have looked like had she finished her little dream...

 and also for those who haven't seen it yet, id re visit the chapter Larry Stylinson, I think the new picture really captures the essence of that chapter don't you agree??? ;)


Feeling Sex Deprived….

Urgh, what is that god damn sparkle Whatever it was it was shining in my face and stopping me from sleeping! I groaned outwardly opening my eyes. I was squished in the middle of three boys. Zayn to my left, Liam to my right and then Niall sprawled out across my legs. Should I start to worry that whenever I sleep with these boys we always end up in positions like this. 

I looked around trying to find the source of the sparkle, I looked at Zayn, nothing.. Liam, nothing…. Niall, nothing…. So where is it coming from. I looked down at my hands. And in an instant knew what it was. The violet diamond promise ring Louis had given me for my birthday was in the view of the sun that was peering threw the blinds, so as it reflected of the diamond it would hit me in the eye. 

I couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on my face. I thought back to the day we were sat on my bed, confessing our secrets and feelings, when he was trying to be serious about it all, so he pulled out the ring to confirm it. I could stop smiling that day. I had almost forgotten I had it, it was like part of my finger now. I hadn’t taken it off since that day. 

I peeled the boys off me slowly, so I didn’t wake them. It was only 10 and we were up pretty late last night so I’ll be nice and not keep them up after everything they did for me. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to wake up Harry and Louis. I know I’m suppose to ignore him, but you know what everyone (who didn’t know what was relay going on)  is going to be more suspicious that suddenly where not fighting, or being stupid, and he’ wasn’t alone so I wasn’t break any rules…. I quickly tip toed/run down the hall and to the door of their room, the door was half open, this would make my entry and if needed escape so much easier.

 A small smirk flashed across my face as I pushed the door silently wider, slipping inside to find the two lads, wrapped in each others arms, Louis had dried up tears straining his face and Harry had his lips near Louis head. AWW Larry Stylinson <3 

I took a deep breath preparing myself. I suddenly took of towards the bed leaping onto it, I came crashing down on the boys but my land wasn’t the best I bounced off Louis, whos arm went flying smacking Harry in the head. They both let out a cry as I went tumbling off the bed with a groan. 

“That was awesome!” I yelled from the ground. I peeked up at the boys who were looking around for the culprit, but they couldn't see me….. “Did you?” Louis questioned looking over at Harry. “Yes…” He said suspiciously. Looking around. Well thats my cue to leave. I quickly stopped up brushing myself off, to be meet by stunned eyes on me. “Don’t mind me” I said awkwardly but cheerily, as I headed for the door. “Don’t even think about it” Harry called, making me stop dead in my tracks. I turned on the spot, with my most innocent cheshire cat [pussyy ;)] smile. 

“Think about what?” I said in a cute voice. “Come here now!” Louis ordered all defiantly. I gulped, ohhh shit I slowly took a few steps forward so I was just at the end of the bed. “Sit!” The ordered at the same time. I hesitated for a second before sitting down cross legged at the end of the bed. They turned to each other with evil grins, a flicker of fear crossed my face but before I had time to react they launched themselves at me, crashing into my body.

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