Chapter 29

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Aphmau POV

I open my eyes and sit up in my... This isn't my bed. Oh right, I slept on Adam. I guess this is his bed then. I check the time to see it's 1pm. I didn't sleep that long so that's good since we need to go and find the rest of the recruits. I get out of bed, looking at my bandaged arm with Ross's scarf around my neck. I really like to get injured and take his scarf don't I? It might as well have been mine. I go into the joint bathroom that joins on with Max and lock both doors before taking a shower. I obviously use Sky's budder soap and shampoo. It has no scent it's just a budder colour.

"Jess are you in there?!" I hear a shout coming from Sky's room.

"Yeah! What do you need?" I shout back.

"There is some food downstairs if you want some. Everybody else is down there chatting while I sort out the groups." He shouts before going away from the door and doing whatever he is gonna do. I get out of the shower, about to put some clothes on when I remember I don't have any.

"Sky?" I shout but I get no answer. This is when I get an idea. I unlock Max's door, checking if the room is clear before walking in and taking a pair of his clothes. It's basically what he always wears. I put them on before going back into the bathroom and unlocking Sky's door, grabbing my flower garland that transformed itself while I was asleep. I turn it into something to make it look like my hair is red.

"You look like the girl version of Max but with Ross's scarf on instead of the Z necklace." Sky says, amused.

"I forgot my clothes. Now excuse me while I go get some food!" I say before running off and into the dining room.

"It's Max! Wait... Max turned into a girl!" Ross shouts. Max, who is sitting next to Ross, slaps him over the head.

"I borrowed Max's clothes. I forgot to get some before I showered so now I'm going to be a girl Max!" I cheer. Max just sighs.

"Don't wreck my clothes." He simply says. I nod before sitting next to Katelyn who hugs me.

"We haven't talked for a while." She says. I agree with her. Before I could say anything else, Sky walks in.

"I have decided the groups." We all stop talking and look towards him. "We are only sending one group and that will consist of us leaders of the sky army. Jin, Barney, Ross, Max, Jess and I will be going to space to fine the Minecraft Universe. Jason." He explains. Looks like the old team are going on an adventure together. I cheer for a second before we all go into our serious modes.

"I think we should leave and let you plan things out." Jerome says before leaving, everybody following him out. I start to eat the breakfast that was placed in front of me before Sky came in.

"So how do you think we are going to space? If you haven't noticed, we don't have anything to send us into space or anything like an oxygen tank." Ross says.

"Well I can make us a few Angel rings. The suits I can try to make but the materials that I need are in Asguard." I explain to them.

"Well that would be great but won't the guys get suspicious?" Barney asks in his own accent and not his fake accent.

"Not if they are at their own houses and not at my home. Since they think it's safe, they shouldn't be in Asguard. The closest they should be to it is the Hall. Only Laurence and Travis would be staying there if they had business to attend to. I could probably just sneak in anyway." I tell them. Sky has a thoughtful look before speaking.

"Jess and Jin shall go to Asguard and build all of the things we need while the rest of us will collect the needed things. Max gets food, Ross gets sleepi-" Sky starts.

"No! Last time Ross was in charge of tents, Jess had to sleep outside on the snow. She became really sick because of it." Max glares at Ross while Ross is raising his hands up in surrender.

"Well you guys can sort that out while me and Jin go to Asguard. See you guys in a bit." I say before grabbing Jin's wrist and teleporting us to my main room. I walk over to where my division digit is while Jim looks around. I get everything I need before going over to a normal crafting table.

"What are you doing?" He asks. I just shush him.

"I need total concentration because I only have ten seconds to do this before it blows up. Since I don't have my suit, I could die." I explain to him before counting down. As soon as I reach zero, I quickly make the first Angel ring, one second to spare. I hand it to Jin.

"This doesn't seem difficult." He says. I give him a glare before quickly building the second one. Castor and Cadenza have Angel rings so we can use theirs so I only have to make one more.

"This is the last one." I tell him.

"Okay. Good luck." He says before walking backwards, away from me. I turn back to the table. I create the unstable ingots before putting the materials together.


I put the budder ingots in place.


I put the unstable ingots in place.


I put in the flowers.


I realise I am missing one rose red.


I shout at Jin to go get me a rose red.


He goes through my chests.


He starts to run over to me.


He hands me the rose red.


The door is slammed open, scaring me.


I drop it.

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