Love Olympus (9)

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[ Clark's POV ]

I watched Venus slowly fall to the floor as the game ended. The stadium started going crazy as the screen lit up and showed the team that was eliminated. I couldn't believe it as well, but it happened.

The green team was eliminated. Archer and Corin. It happened so fast. Yet it was the ultimatum.

I ran over to Venus. My heart screaming as she started to fall. A foreign feeling. The way she was falling, the way I was feeling as she fell. I was scared. So scared of her falling. If she fell, I fell.. And I couldn't afford for her to fall.

It struck me in that bitter moment. The intensity I felt towards Venus, but kept on denying. The chain like connections I had with her.

She was more then a partner to me, but why was it this game that showed me that factor?

The whole time the guys were battling I kept watching to see if she was okay. Hoping that she was fighting just like me. When I saw her go through I shouted out my appreciation and happiness to see she made it. I ran in that moment shocked at how happy I was to see her through.

I ran with all the might I had left to catch her. Extending out my hand I went over to catch her head and the rest of her when Caspian shoved me.

He caught her head with his left hand with such carefulness it surprised me. Caspian picked her up in the air with a ferocious expression and grabbed the other little girl like she was nothing. A huge crowd started to form and suddenly every sound I was ignoring blasted me into reality.

Caspian was shouting for people to move as the guards helped him with Venus and Ruby. I ran over to Caspian angry and pushed his shoulder.

"She's mine!" I grabbed Venus, but he flicked my arm away. I blushed taking a step back. I meant to say she's my partner, but that came out wrong.

"I'll take her," I offered getting in his way.

"Move!" He shouted.

"I said I'll take her!" I yelled.

"You can take her when you act like her partner," Caspian spat. "This is a game Clark not freaking High school," He glared. "Get out of my way Clark..." He shoved passed me and ran away with Venus in his arms. A sudden strike of anger hit my gut as Caspian left.She was my partner, why does he care how I treat Venus?

Clenching my teeth hard I stood there. He acts like he's some robot when really he cares. The way he held Venus seemed to annoy me a lot. It wasn't normal. What annoyed me even more was the fact I was so angry. I shouldn't be since I told Venus myself I wanted nothing to do with her.

You can take her when you act like her partner..

I clenched my fists hard.


[ Venus's POV ]


I opened and closed my mouth as Mr. Smirk made his way towards me. There was a new bruise on his eye. A new one I didn't know about. He looked torn like he was fighting an impossible war.

The smirk lines on his cheeks were gone something that was worth being worried about. His eyes tired and his face pale.

"Mr. Smirk..." I murmured unable to really speak.

"Come," he nodded towards the balcony.

Helping me up Mr. Smirk motioned me towards the balcony doors. He opened it with a finger and soon we were a few stories up looking down on a city. I was shocked how the underworld both resembled and didn't at the same time our world.

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