Chapter 22: Still Got It

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What Chloe had in mind was dangerous. We had to make it work though or else her and Cole would never be safe again and our pack would slowly get destroyed if everyone thought we were the ones standing in their way for the two of them.

I hadn't said anything to the others, it'd be better if they didn't know, at least for now. What I should probably tell them though, is that I'm back.

"Do you have--", Alex came towards me, but stopped when he noticed me.

"Brian?", he said surprised.

"In the flesh", I smiled.

"Finally!", he said and hugged me.

"Where are the others?", I asked him.

"Everyone has something to do, you know, imminent attack and all, if it ever happens..."

"You doubt it?"


They are here, we heard through the mind link.

"-- apparently am wrong", he finished as we ran off find the others.


"They're here?", Chloe shouted.

"Yes, but we talked about it, right? You talked to Cole, you know what to do."

"I-I do, but what if something goes wrong?"

"You said you practiced with him..."

"Yes, but still", she took a deep breath, "I'm scared."

I leaned in and kissed her. We needed more time, we desperately needed more time, but we didn't have another option. She'd be safe after that. I realize it was going to be hard for her though, that's why I wasn't going to leave her alone. "I'll be there, with you, I promise."

"Ok", she said as Cole and Rebecca came into the room.

"You're ready?", he asked her.

"As ready as I'll ever be", Chloe said.

"Do we really think it's a good idea?", Rebecca asked.

"If we succeed, everyone wins", Cole said and both me and Rebecca turned to him.

"If?", we said.

"When", Chloe hurried to correct him. "Let's go, we can't waste any time."

It will work, it has to work.

Savannah's pov

"We can't stay like this, we have to do something", Alexa said.

"Alexa you can't fight. I'd love to, but I'm pregnant too, so I can't either. This pack however needs someone in charge, so we can't freak out", I said.

"Yeah I know, but it still feels..."


"Yeah... They'll be fine, right?"

They have to be fine.

"Yes", I said.

Luna we're under attack!, I heard through the mind link.

What?, I shouted.


Of course they did, they knew Chris would help my brothers, they're trying to take him away from them.

"What's wrong?", Alexa asked.

How many?, I asked.

Not a lot, but our best fighters are away.

Can we handle it on our own?

We need more fighters.

Ok, I'll just mind link Chris and tell him we need a few of them. My brothers already had the numbers before Scarlett Moon joined them, but I don't know how many the rogues are. I can't let my pack be destroyed by rogues though, we need some of our pack members back. Why is this so hard? Make a decision Savannah!

Are you ok?, I asked Chris.

There are more of us, we can do this, he said. Ok, that's good.

We have a problem, I said.

What happened?, he started getting worried.

Rogues are attacking the pack, I said. I didn't have time to make small talk, we needed fighters and we needed them fast, we could only hold them off for a little while. We should have thought of that before!

What? Are you ok?, he shouted.

We can hold them off, but we need help to defeat them.

I'm coming back, he said. The packs are not far away, they would be here on time, everything would be fine. They said they were more, so they could still defeat Silver Moon and we could deal with the rogues.

I looked out the window, trying to assess the situation. I turned back to Alexa and spoke so calm, it was becoming creepy. "Alexa go upstairs", I said.


"There are rogues in the pack."


"Please, go upstairs and I'll be there in a minute", I smiled at her. She did as I told her and I turned my attention back to the window.

I sighed and took a few steps back, shifting into my wolf. Good thing we have a big living room.

I didn't want to do this, not right now, not with the baby, it was too dangerous. He was close though, Chris needed to be here fast if we didn't want more of them to break in.

A few seconds later, the rogue was inside the house, looking at me. You attack my pack and you want to kill me and my baby? This is not going to happen.

The wolf attacked me, but I was faster. I knew how to fight and I was good at it, so I quickly got the upper hand. Needless to say that the beautiful living room was destroyed, pity. I threw him to the opposite wall and before he could get up again, I slashed his neck.

I was panting, but I was ok and that's what mattered. Point one for Savannah and Raven.

Ah, the good old days, she said.

We still got it.

I neared the window and a sense of relief filled me when I saw more wolves of our pack, driving the rogues away. Chris was here.

I shifted back and quickly went upstairs changing into some clothes and checking up on Alexa. She was shaken, but she was ok and that's what mattered.

I ran back downstairs and before I could do anything, the door bursted open and Chris came in. He looked around, saw the wolf on the floor, that might be a bit upsetting.

"Uhm... A few things broke...", I said shyly.

He ran up to me and hugged me. "You're ok?", he asked.

"Yeah", I said.

"Are you sure? He didn't hurt you? The baby?"

"Oh please, I was far better than he was, he didn't stand a chance. We're ok", I smiled at him", "are you ok?"

"Yeah and your brothers got this, there are more of them and they were doing better before I left."

I sighed in relief. We were going to be ok.



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