Draco x reader

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A/N So, this one has swearing n' all, but otherwise you're safe! So in to the story.



"Draco, my love, could you stop being a dick for just a second?" Y/N turned to her boyfriend of 4 months. They were walking down the hall with her, Draco, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle, Draco complaining about the Golden Trio. All. The. Time. An when the Golden Trio walked past them in the hallway, Draco felt the need to make fun of them. When the Golden Trio left, Y/N just had had enough of it. As she spat those words out, everyone stood still. They all looked at her, then everyone else expect Draco left as quickly as they could, sensing a fight coming up.

"Excuse me?" he asked her, clearly surprised, that she slashed out at him. 

"Stop. Being. Such. A. Dick." she said again, emphasising every word. "I'm sick of it, Draco." she continued and started walking as if nothing had happened. 

"Since when have you talked to me like that?" he asked her and walked besides her. 

"Since you've talked to Harry and his friends like that." she answered back, clearly mad at him. Y/N didn't give Draco a glance when they entered the dungeons.

"But they are just a bunch traitors and mudbloods!" Draco said to her. Y/N turned to face Draco and just like that, she slapped him on his cheek. 

"I told you not to use that word around me, Draco! Don't you even dare to call Miss Granger a 'mudblood' around me, ever again!" she slashed out and continued walking, a lot faster than before. She knew, that Draco was mad at her for slapping him. 

Y/N was a very kind person, even though she is a Slytherin. But she is a very competitive person and never takes down a dare. And she can be very mean, if she wants to and when she is angry, she is very scary. The people in Slytherin know, that she stands up to every house member, no matter which house they are in, so they watch out when they talk shit about other houses.

As she walked through the door to the Slytherin common room, everyone that was there stared at her, but quickly turned away, as some of them met her gaze. She walked to the girls dorm and collapsed onto her bed. Screw him... she thought as she slowly drifted to sleep after a long day.

• Time skip •

It's been a full day and Y/N hasn't talked to Draco. And by that, he knew that she was really pissed. He tried talking to her, but she wouldn't talk back, ignoring him completely. He was miserable. And Y/N knew it. 

Y/N decided that it Draco had been tortured enough, so she decided to talk to him, but still showing him that she was pissed off. She walked up to the gang of Slytherins in the Slytherin common room. Everyone looked at her, kinda surprised, expect Draco, who looked happy.

"Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, Malfoy." She said to each one of them. Draco's face dropped, when Y/N said 'Malfoy' instead of 'Draco'. She used his last name only when mad. And he had though that she forgave him. 

"Hi Y/N." Pansy said and hugged her. Y/) and Pansy got along quite nicely, even though Y/N dated Draco. Knowing Pansy's huge crush in him.

"Hi Pansy. How's it going?" 

"Good, good, but, umm, I got this thing I need to attend, so bye!" she said, grabbed Crabbe and Goyle and left quickly with the two of them. Y/N and Draco just stared at them, until they disappeared from sight. 

"Y-Y/N..." Draco said and took her hand. Y/N was really close to pulling it back, but decided to give him this moment. "Listen, I am sorry for calling the Granger girl a mudblood. I know you hate it... please talk to me. Please." he pleaded. Y/N looked at him, feeling a bit guilty. He really didn't like being separated from Y/N.

Y/N sighed and said: "Draco, I know you're sorry. It just makes me so mad... that Granger is a nice girl. I don't even know why you date me, honestly. I'm such a wuss..." 

"Y/N, you literally slapped me and didn't speak to me in 24 hours and you call yourself a wuss? You know, this is why I love you. You're so kind..." he said and hugged her. She immediately hugged back. 

"I'm sorry I slapped you." Y/N said to his chest. 

"It's okay. It was a good slap, though." he laughed and kissed her forehead. 

"I love you Draco, but now I really want to sleep." she said and yawned. She started walking towards the girls dorm, when Draco yelled out.

"Hey, Y/N, do you mind if I Slytherin?" (Y/N) just laughed standing still.

"Well? You coming?"


Hiya, loves! Hope you liked this one! Please point out every flaw and grammar mistake! And sorry for the dumb ending...

Love always, me ♥

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