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Kelly's POV

Ngayon breaktime na kami at hindi pa rin bumabalik si Luri nasan na ba kasi sya? "Gusto mo sabay ka na muna samin? Walang promblema dun" sabi ni Danica habang nakangiti. Tumango ako dahil gusto ko rin naman silang kasama and I think they are willing to be my friends. Tumayo ako sa kinauupuan ko kaya lang pagharap ko papalabas ng classroom humarang si yabang. Oh I think you know whose that guy right?

"Excuse me can you please don't blocked my way?" taas kilay kong sabi sa kanya pero nginitian lang nya ako. Isang ngiting nakakaasar you know? "Malaki ang daan bakit hindi ikaw ang umiwas at dumaan sa ibang way?" sagot nya naman, my face is like this =____= Can you smile if the person you're hating is always pissing you off? I just stared at him one last time and walk in the other way to get out of this place!

"Sorry for his attitude. I think even his older than me I need to teach him a lesson for his manners" I stop and look to the one who talked. I smiled at her "It's ok. It's not a big deal" then I continue to walk.

We reach our destination which is the cafeteria. Many students are murmuring while eating their foods. But because it's none of my business I don't care about them. Kahit pa may magpakamatay sa harapan ko wala akong pakealam ginawa nila yun why should I bother myself to help those people wasting their lives? They should be blessed that God gave life to them but not to waste it but to treasure it. Some people are born to be stupid. Right?

Bakit ba ako english ng english tsk! Kelly can you please try to speak in tagalog so that your parents won't argue with you again about your speaking language? Oo alam kong sometimes galagal ako sa mga words ng Filipino but please I know I'm not that good enough but you don't need to shove it to my face.

When we already get our foods we find our place where can we eat this and there it is we saw a vacant seats. We took it and seat there. After a second of silence we eat our foods. While eating our foods peacefully the student is getting to be wild. They are shouting, yelling that some sort of a rockstar or a celebrity is entering this cafeteria and then someone caught my attention. Lagi nalang syang nasa lugar kung saan naandun ako. Is he stalking me? I'm not assuming but it's too obvious that maybe that guy have a crush on me.

"OMG! Prince Rence notice me please!" 

"No! Me! Notice me! OMG! He touched my hand" a girl said when that arrogant guy touched her hand and acting that every moment she will faint. Losers!

"Can they all shut up? It's annoying" angal ko. Just stating what I'm feeling because of those crazy girl lemme say fangirls! How could be that guy having a fan? His not that good looking guy. He's not a guy that can match with.... yes with my ex boyfriend. Bryle is more handsome than that guy is! Just so you know.

"How come that a guy like you will have a fan?" I stood up and look at them smirking. Yes I have this confindence of mine and fighting spirit that you will never take away from me. Everyone's stop. And the meaning of 'everyone' is those students who's in the cafeteria. I don't care if someone is staring at me like I'm a killer or whatsoever I'm just want to asked this guy a question. Stares can't kill me either right?