Jeff the Killer X Reader(Lemon) .:Night terrors:.

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~Lemon time. Don't Like Don't Read! You should like lemons though....They're awesome~

You're the newest member to the creepy pastas. You're 17 years old. You're Birthday is on Halloween. 

You toss and turn in your bed. You always had night terrors since you were a child but now you had been having really bad ones. You're birthday is in less than a week. You wake up in a cold sweat. You look over at your alarm clock. It's 1:30am.
"Crap. I can't get back to sleep." You get up to go to the bathroom, when you walk out you decide to go down to the kitchen for some juice to calm yourself down.
You're walking down the hall. You pass BENs room, he has his door shut, you walk past Sally's room and she has hers cracked, you peek in to see she's fast asleep. Her demonic teddy turns it's head 180 degrees and gives you an evil look.
"Awh, go to sleep ya dumb bear." The bear ignores you and you keep walking. 
You pass Jeffs room. His door doesn't seem to be locked, You have had a crush on him for sometime and the both of you have had some sexual tension built up for a while. You peek in. It looks like he's not in there, he might have snuck out. Slendy would find out if he did and probably put him on restriction. You walked down the stairs. Your room was on the 2nd floor and Eyeless jack was also on the floor but his room was on the opposite side. You heard his door open.
"________? What are you doing up so late? It's almost 2:00am. Go back to bed." he didn't have his mask on, he was in some plaid pajama pants and a whit tank top. You rarely saw him without his mask and it was rather odd but comforting to see him.
"Sorry EJ. I was just getting a late night snack.What are you still doing up?" 
"Nothing really. I was just surfing the web. And I needed to go to the bathroom"
"Well you should get some sleep too. Good night."
"Night." He walked into his bathroom and you continued down the stairs. When you got into the kitchen you went to the fridge and grabbed a carton of (F/juice) and some (F/ late night snack). You turned around only to see Jeff sitting at the table eating a sandwich.
"Whoa! What the cheese!" you said half shocked, half trying to keep yourself from yelling loud enough to wake people.
"What?" Jeff asked with a mouthful
 "When did you get here?"
"Like 5, maybe 7 minutes ago." he chased his food down with a drink of beer
"How are you so goddamn quiet?!" you say confused
"Killer habbit. You don't seem to have it."
"Whatever." you say as you sit down at the table across from him
"So why are you still awake?" 
".......Nothing." you say blushing while starting to eat your snack
"Don't lie to me, ____________." 
"Promise you won't laugh...."
"Hmmmm........I promise."
"I had a bad dream....and I'm kinda to scarred to go back to sleep...."
"Pfffffffft! Hahahaha!"
"You asshat!"
"Awwww. Is wittle ______ to scwarrdy warrdy to go back to sweep?"
"Forget this." You knocked back your glass of juice and grabbed your (F/snack) and started to walk out of the kitchen. You felt Jeff grab your arm. You turned around and he grabbed your other arm. 
"I can help you Go to Sleep."
He leaned in and kissed you. You willingly kissed back passionately. This continued for a few moments. Soon you two began wrestling tongues. He eventually won and explored you're wet cavern. You pulled away for air with a thin trail of saliva connecting the two of you.
"What are you doing?" you demanded
"Don't worry it was just a good night kiss. No more nightmares."
"Just a kiss?!"
"If I did anything more before Friday, Slendy would kill me." He began to walk up the stairs to his room. You followed after him.
"What's that suppose to mean?"
"I'm out of your league until Friday."
"Whatever!" You said going to your room. He grabbed your arm once again.
"If you have anymore nightmares, just come into my room." He whispered in my ear. then biting my lobe. You turned a deep shade of red.
He walked into his room and shut the door behind him. You went into you're room and slept peacefully the rest if the night. 
The next day you got up and took a shower. You put on your (f/c) skinny jeans and a black tank-top on. 
You walked out of your bathroom and into the living room. You saw BEN already playing video games.
"Morning BEN." you said yawning.
"Morning babe." He turned to you with a pervy smile like always. 
"Don't call me that." You said walking into the kitchen to grab some breakfast. Jeff, Masky, Hoodie, Slendy, Sally, and Smile, were already in there eating breakfast. You grabbed your food from Slendy and sat next to Jeff after thanking Slenderman for cooking. You sat down to start eating.
"How did you sleep?" Jeff whispered.
You blushed and shyly answered.
"Good...Thanks for asking." You continued your day, Learning how to kill and having fun with your creepy pasta friends. That night you had another night mare. You woke up to Jeff standing in your doorway. you had forgotten to close your door before drifting off
"Having another bad dream." you looked at the clock. it said 2:45am
"Ye-yeah." You said half awake. He walked into the room and closed and locked the door behind him. 
"Jeff, What are you doing?" you asked a little frightened
"How about another good night kiss. I'll take away the nightmares. And we wouldn't want anyone getting suspicious if they saw us. He came over to the bed and started kissing you roughly. He you layed on your back as he held your arms down and wrestled tongues with you. He began moving his hands all on your body. He gt to your breasts. He started massaging them and teasing the nipple through your spaghetti strapped tank-top. You pulled your face away.
"Jeff! I thought you said-" he cut you off with a kiss. then pulled away
"I'm keeping my word." You sat up and he sat across from you.
"Jeff why do you like me?"
".....................Be-because.....I just do." he said seriously contemplating. You crawled over and sat on his lap. 
"You're so predictable, Jeff." you said as you leaned in and kissed him roughly. Your legs were wrapped around his torso. He kissed you back and bit at your lower lip. He started fondling you once again. You started grinding against his lap. He was wearing pajama pants and you were wearing pajama shorts that only passed your butt by less than half an inch. You felt his member start to bulge. He stopped you.
"I said i'm not going to do that with you. Save it for Friday." He said pushing you off his lap.
"Then don't tease me!" you protested.
"I think your the one teasing me." he sat on the edge of the bed. and began to get up. You grabbed his arm.
"Don't go." You said with puppy dog eyes.
"Fuck. Okay. but i'm only staying until you go to sleep. People will get suspicious."
"Okay. You layed down and he got into bed next to you. He stroked your (s/l) hair until you fell asleep. 
Every night for about the next 4 days. It was the eve of your birthday. You had gone to bed but Jeff wasn't back home yet. You were scarred that you would have another nightmare. Unfortunately you did. You woke up at 11:55pm to the sound of a door opening.
Jeff walked in with something behind his back.
"You dummy, you're late!" you threw a pillow at him. He caught it.
"Don't be like that. even after I got you a present."
"OOOO! Let me see!" 
"Why NOT!" you whined. He closed and locked the door behind him once more.
"Because you have to wait 3 minutes." You looked at the clock and pouted.
"At least give me a hint!"
"Well we can both enjoy it together."
"Hmmmmm......a knew knife?"
"......a cake?"
"Not even close."
"A puppy?" You said running out of options
"Are you kidding, smile would rip my head off." 
"Cmon, Jeff, can you give it to me early?!"
"Fine." He pulled out a small bag and tossed it to you. You looked in it and immediately started blushing.
"Jeff! This is a present for you!" you said with your face bright red.
"That's only half of it. If you do it, then I'll give you the rest of your present."
"But....Jeff!" you said starring into the bag.
"No buts!" He said pointing to my bathroom door that was within my room. You came out of the bathroom a few minutes later wearing (f/c) Thin laced lingere that was way to revealing for your comfort. It included a to small bra and panties that were almost see through and socks that matched that came up to your mid thigh. You stepped out of the bathroom with your face bright red.
"This is so embarrassing." You mumbled to yourself
"Don't be embarrassed, you look sexy."
Jeff walked over to you. He began kissing you passionately and you followed. He looked at the clock. It was now mid night. 
"Happy birthday." he whispered in yur ear as he bit the lobe. 
You two started kissing roughly. He groped you almost every where he could. He sat down on the edge of the bed and took off his hoodie and shirt. He emphasized you to sit on his lap. You did just that. You sat on his lap with your knees on the bed. You began kissing and he was caressing your sides. He started to kiss to the side of your face to your ear. He nibbled and bit at it causing you to shiver. He kissed down your neck and found your sweet spot, you groaned. and tried to hold back your moans.
"Don't hold them back. Remember, the room is sound proof. No one can here you." he said going back to your ear to give you the message. He bit the lobe once more and pulled with his teeth. you let out a gasp. He moved his hands down to your ass and squeezed it. He began to kiss you once again. It was mainly tongue now. You started to grind against him once more. You already felt his package through his jeans but it seemed to be getting bigger.
"_______." He said your name.
"Yes?" He suddenly lifted you up, forcing you to wrap your legs around him in order to keep from falling. He layed you down on the bed and climbed over you. He kissed you once again and moved his right had down to your right breast. He fondled it and then reached into his pocket he pulled out his knife.
"Jeff! Stop! What the hell?!" you asked suprised
"Trust me." He said gliding the blade across your skin without cutting it. He moved the knife under the divide of the thin laced bra and cut it clean. You couldn't feel it when he did it but he had nicked you just a little when cutting the strap.
"Oh no. It looks like i've cut you." he leaned his head down to in between your breasts and licked at the wound. Moans escaped your lips. He massaged your breasts and started to toy with your nipples as he moved his tongue over to your left mound. He licked and nibbled at the nub as you arched you moved your legs out of anxiousness. He brought his head up from your chest and kissed your lips. His hands moved down your sides, to your thigh. He moved his hand to your lower regions. He started petting you through your panties, which were now soaked.
"Wow. You're excited." you covered your face because of the embarrassment. He moved your hands from your face.
"I want you to watch." your face turned red again and he kissed down from your mouth, to your neck, to your stomach to your lower regions. He grabbed his knife from your side where he set it down earlier. He cut the panties clean off and tossed them aside. You moaned when he kissed down to your spot. 
"Jeff!" you said as he massaged your clit. He used his other fingers on his left hand to go in and out of you as toyed at the pearl. It made you even more turned on. He added another finger and made scissoring motions. It hurt a little bit since you were a virgin but you quickly adjusted. He removed his fingers and started licking at the spot. You moaned Jeffs name louder and your body felt hot. He moved his tongue in and out of your hole. You felt a knot in your stomach
"J-Jeff.........! I-I-I'm!"
He continued lapping at you. You came and he licked up the juices. He sat up and unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. You saw a large tent in his boxers. He saw your eyes widen at the sight of it and he smirked. He pulled his boxers down to reveal his length. It was huge. You began to get scarred.
"I...I d-don't think that will fit in me......" you said nervously.
"Are you a virgin _______?" you nodded embarrassed at his question
"Don't worry you'll be okay." he said kissing you. He positioned himself at your entrance.
"Ready?" You nodded and he thrusted into you. You yelped and he watched the blood soak down onto the sheets. Some tear escaped your eyes and he wiped them with his thumbs.
"Let me know when you want me to move." You both sat there for a few minutes until you adjusted to the pain. You nodded and he started to move slowly. The pain faded after a while and he picked up speed. Your pain quickly turned into mostly pleasure and you started sending pleased moans through the room. He did the same. 
"Faster Jeff!" you said as he picked up speed and found your G-spot. He realized he found it and slammed int it harder and harder. You wrapped your legs around him and the thrusting got faster and harder. You felt a knot build up in your stomach.
"Je-Jeff! I-I'm Getting close!" you were near your breaking point.
"Not yet!" He thrusted into you faster trying to ready himself but you came. He kept thrusting and you stayed turned on. He kept hitting your spot and gripped your legs. 
"I'm almost there ________!"
"Me too!" You rocked your hips with his as he hit your sopt harder. He moved faster and picked you up as he sat down. Neither of you ever disconnecting. He bounced you up and down on his lap as you moved with him, grinding your hardest against you.
"_______!" you both came. You felt him fill you up. You collapsed on his chest both of you panting and a sweaty mess. He layed you down and pulled out. He layed down next to you and pulled the sheets over the both of you.
"Happy birthday _________." He kissed you on the cheek and hugged you close.
~One of my first lemons. How you like?~