Jeff the KillerXBEN Drowned Lemon, Alone for the night

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It was a rainy night Slenderman and the others had gone out for a week long killing spree. Jeff and Ben were on punishment for destroying half of the house after getting into a fight over who's turn on the Xbox it was. Slenderman had put a barrier around the mansion and had taken away the game station from them and locked it away. They had barely any source of entertainment. The two of them got along very nicely most of the time. Ben was prone to nightmares of drowning once again and sometimes snuck into Jeff's room and slept in there. But it was under complete secrecy.It had only been about 2 years since Ben moved in. He was now 14 and Jeff was 16. Ben and Jeff had baked a digorno pizza and had watched a few episodes of the Walking Dead to sooth their boredom.

"This is boring, I'm going to bed. Night dude." Jeff said standing up and stretching as he got up to go up the stairs to his room.

"Hey Jeff."


".....Uh..never mind, I forgot."

"Alright then........goodnight."

Ben sat on the living room floor embarrassed how could he tell Jeff that he wanted him to stay downstairs with him. He wanted to stay with Jeff for a while longer. Ben's face was a bright red. He started flipping through the channels.

Jeff went into his room and changed into his boxers and layed in bed. He started to think about Ben and how he was going to say something before he went upstairs. Jeff just brushed it off and shifted in bed. He wondered about Ben and his nightmares. Ben seemed not to have them often lately, but how would he react to being in an almost empty house and having to sleep in his bed alone. It was almost guaranteed that Ben would be in his room tonight. Jeff blushed at the thought. He realized he was thinking wrong and quickly shook the thought from his head. Jeff had a slight blush on his face but ignored it. He grabbed the sleeping mask from his bed side table and put it over his face.

Ben had decided to go to bed by now and cleaned up the food from earlier. He turned off the TV and headed up stairs he walked by Jeffs room and saw the door cracked. He peeked inside and saw Jeff already in bed and possibly asleep. Ben blushed and went over into his own room. Ben changed into a long night shirt and took off his underwear. he felt he slept more comfortably that way. He felt pretty confident that he wouldn't have a nightmare tonight. Ben climbed into his bed and slowly drifted off into sleep. 

Ben in fact did have a nightmare that night. Ben quickly popped out of bed and ran into Jeffs room. He creaked the door open slightly and walked into the room cautiously he looked at Jeff's clock it said 1:30am.

"J-Jeff." no answer. Ben blushed and shook Jeff lightly

"Jeff. Wake up." Jeff grumbled and took off his sleeping mask. 

"Ben? What do you want?"

"Jeff I had another nightmare. Can I sleep in here tonight?" Jeff sighed.

"Come on." Jeff lifted the covers and scooted over.

"I can sleep on the floor." Ben said

"No, it's fine. No one will be back for a few days so I guess as long as no one could possibly see, it's fine." Ben nodded and climbed into bed. He layed down facing away from Jeff. He shifted in the bed and ended up facing Jeff. Jeff had put his sleeping mask back over his eyes and Ben was getting settled. 

He felt part of his bottom on the warm soft covers from where Jeff was laying and remembered the embarrassing fact that he was not wearing any underwear. To make matters worse, strange things had been happening to his body for a few months now. He had even gotten a few hairs on his groin. Ben was immediately embarrassed of himself. He tried to calm himself down. He looked at Jeffs face and remembered the sleeping mask. As long as Jeff couldn't see, he felt safe. Ben decided that once he knew Jeff was completely asleep he would get up and go get some underwear, then quickly return. He just hoped the weird thing didn't happen to him before then. What ever it was it wouldn't go away for a long time. 

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