15 ; Chapter Fifteen

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song of the chapter in the name of love by martin garrix and bebe rexha

I parked my car on the curb outside Rosa Meyers house. It was a pretty ordinary house with a neat garden. It was big but not mansion worthy. The front porch lights were on and you could only hear a slight thump of music when you were close enough to the house. My guess was Rosa would be keeping an eye on the noise in order to prevent any police showing up.

The door was unlocked when I got to it. Normally I would feel rude just walking on into someone else's house but when I opened the door everywhere was littered with people from school. A couple of people who noticed me seemed relatively surprised to see me there. I had gotten used to the low whispers that circulated after I entered somewhere.  People had always really known me as Pandora's friend and now I was dead Pandora's friend.

My bag was swinging by my side and it felt unusually heavy on account of the letters I had stuffed inside of it. I had brought the letters addressed to Jack, Rosa, Marissa, Arun, Tanner and David. After meeting Rosa earlier in the week, Freddie and I had gone to my house to find my mother had left again, giving us an empty house to open the letters and write down what we knew. Every time I saw the sheets Freddie was creating there was some other note on it that he felt relevant.

Arun's and Tanner's didn't really feel relevant. I found out that Tanner and Pandora had had some sort of fling before he had moved on to Rosa and that it was Pandora who encouraged Arun to go for Rosa. It sort of made sense that Rosa blaming Pandora for the problems in a way. Pandora was jealous and pushed Arun to Rosa. Rosa got to know both and decided she couldn't pick between the two. But at the same time, I wasn't really sure why Rosa got away with stringing them both along. She would give one her attention one night while the other watched in anger and the same thing would happen the next week but with the other one. It was confusing and I wasn't sure how she got the energy to keep it up.

Tanner and Arun were evidently two grade A morons considering they let the same girl come between them and string them along while the other watched.

Morons don't murder but I guess I've been wrong before.

I looked about for Freddie but didn't see him anywhere. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a drink, figuring I could do with some liquid confidence.

     "Didn't expect to see you here," A voice said from beside the fridge. It was Jack Evans. 

My breath hitched when I realised who it was. Jack was top of my suspect list. He used to be this pretty sweet looking boy but in the last year or so he had matured into this somewhat sinister looking man. It was disturbing and made me question what exactly was going on for him to change so drastically.

    "Rosa invited me," I said at a loss for what I was supposed to be saying.

    "And you came?" he asked again, his icy eyes widening in surprise, "didn't Pandora used to hate Rosa?"

    "It was a mutual thing," I murmured as I tried to walk around him but he followed me, seemingly keen on continuing the conversation.

    "Still, isn't it kind of weird for you to suddenly be so friendly with Rosa when I'm sure all you did was listen to your best friend bitch about her?"

    "I don't see how that's any of your business, Jack," I replied just as coolly as I walked into the living room. There was no longer as many people in here I had heard people talking about Rosa's basement party room.

     "I was Pandora's friend too you know," he replied, "I know exactly what you know. I thought I could trust her."

I turned to look at Jack and in that second everything in my body was full of rage.

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