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Harry: All he did was lay in bed all day. Didn’t say anything just laid there in the silence. “Harry, just forget about the media. They don’t know anything about you.” You said trying to get him to speak. Nothing worked tough. You began kissing his neck. “Y/N, what are you doing?” “Taking your mind off things.” You said as you them began sucking and biting on his skin. He then began moaning. “So wanna tell me what was bothering you?” “Nope.”

Zayn: Broken objects and a sobbing Zayn with bloody knuckles. You knew it was another bad day. But the blood shows that it was worse this time. You slowly approached him and kneeled in front of his fetal positioned figure in the sofa. you began to gently stroke his hair as he sobbed out what was bothering him. He mentioned about having a horrible day with the fans and how he couldn’t stop thinking about it. You understood and cradled him in your arms, gently humming to calm him down. Soon he had fallen peacefully fallen asleep in your lap.

Niall: You barely hear him walk in to the room. He sat down at the closet seat and just sat there staring at nothing. “Oh, hey. Don’t worry, dinner is almost ready, Niall.” Nothing but silence. “Niall?” “I-I’m not hungry.” “Niall what’s wrong? Please tell me.” You said as you have him a plate of food which he gladly dove into as he told you his problems.

Louis: He came home very late and very drunk. He stumbled into the bedroom where you were laying, wide awake waiting for him to return home. “Louis, where the hell have you been?” You said very sternly. “Oh…c-calm down, Y/N. I-I-I’m…I’m not okay.” His lower lip started to tremble a bit and you immediately started holding him and soothingly stroking his hair. “M-management…” That was he only thing he could choke out before tears started falling. The rest of the night was just him spilling out his problems to you.

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