Chapter Sixteen

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Harley woke up cold and alone. She looked around and noticed she was in a cell. All the memories flooded back into her mind. She realized that she wasn't fighting Nightwing, and she wasn't with Joker.
   "Mistah J? Puddin'? Ivy?" Harley walked to the bars and asked while shouting. Harley walked back to her cold, metal bed and sat down.
    "Quinn." Harley heard a deep voice. Harley looked at the source of the voice and saw Batman. Harley felt anger boil inside her.
    "What do ya' want Batman?!" Harley asked angrily. Batman walked to the bars, staring her down with his scowl. Harley walked closer to him and watched him.
     "Do you remember anything?" Batman asked. Harley crossed her arms and shook her head no.
     "No! All I rememba' is bein' with my Puddin'! Where is he?!" Harley replied frantically, wanting her Puddin'. Batman let out a deep chuckle.
     "You fool, the Joker doesn't love anyone. He's a cold hearted psychopath who would get rid of you for anything." Batman said coldly. Harley knew her Puddin' would never do that to her, that he loved her.
     "He loves me! He does! He's told me secret things that He's neva' told anyone!"Harley exclaimed as she felt hot tears well up in her eyes.
      "Wake up Harleen and realize the jokes on you." Batman said as he walked away from the cell and out of the room. Harley sat on her bed and cried.
     "He does love me! He does! He does! He does! He does!" Harley sobbed untiuntil cried herself to sleep, wishing to die already.

Sorry for the short chapter.

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