Zayn: It was the night before he left for tour in America. You wanted to give him something to remember you by so why not some love making? He  took it nice and slow, wanting to make this night memorable for both of you. He entered you and started thrusting deep into you. Groans rolling off his tongue and small moans coming from yours. He started speeding up a bit and that was when he finally moaned out something you never wanted to hear while having sex with him. “Fuck, Perrie.” Your eyes widened and you pushed him off of you. Before he could even say another word you ran into the bathroom, locking the door. 

Louis: Things got pretty heated between you and Louis backstage. He pulled you into his dressing room. You didn’t even bother with any foreplay. You both were so horny you just cut straight to the chase and he thrusted into you. He was going quick and fast because he had to be back on stage in a few minutes. You were so caught up in the ecstasy  you almost didn’t hear him moan, “Fuck, Eleanor!” as he reached his peak. You pushed off of you and slapped him right across his face. You got dressed quickly, ignoring his apologies, and ran out of the room and left the concert. For the rest of the show Louis couldn’t help but worry about you and your guys’ relationship. He knows he fucked up, big time, and it showed clearly for the rest of the night.

Liam: It was a long drive home and you couldn’t help but feel a bit horny. You noticed the outline of a forming bulge in Liam’s pants. You smirked and immediately started unbuttoning his pants. He didn’t even question you, Liam only lifted up his hips a bit so you could continue and pull his pants down to his thighs. You took as much as you could of him in your mouth and started bobbing your head at a fast pace. Liam’s hand found your hair and started fisting it. You were in love with this moment of giving him road head but it all came to an end pretty soon. “Oh god, Danielle.” You took him out of your mouth and just went back to sitting in your seat. From that point on, it was a very awkward and quiet for the rest of the car ride.


I kind of ran out of ideas for Harry and Niall, sorry. Also, thank you to the lovely person who requested this.

Jezabel01 Xx

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