Chapter 9 - Avoidence

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Ink had recently gotten kicked out from another AU he asked he could stay in. As Error stared at him he finally spoke up.

"Fine you can stay here but your not to talk to me or sleep in the same bed your sleeping on the couch!" Error snarled

Ink still a little heartbroken he looked away from him as he sits down on the couch as he gets his scarf and starts testing out colors on it and sketching a bit.

Error went out to another AU leaving Ink alone again...and the second Error left Ink bursts into tears covering his face and he drew a really depressing drawing on his scarf as he covers his face...(picture above is what he drew)

He cried and cried as he started to calm down...meanwhile error stared at the sky in Outertale on top of the building that was destroyed but rebuilt...the area and AU where they met where...Error first fell in love...but he burned that bridge to much that there is only ashes now

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