Chapter 46: See

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After I hung up the phone I decided to go over to Andrea's. Derek and Elliot were out hunting and I mostly wanted to pick her brain and see what she thought of everything.

I grabbed a ziplock back of chocolate chip cookies on my way out, hoping the chocolate would sway her to my side. Although I figured Andrea would be more than likely to answer my questions anyways.

I could see her in the window. She was reclining in a chair with ice taped around her calf and a book in her hand. She looked up and gave me a warm smile while she waved before she put her book down.

I jogged up the steps of her cabin right as she opened the door with an amused smirk on her face. "Here for another beating?"

I scoffed. "No, I am here to see you and I come bearing gifts," I said while holding out the bag of cookies in front of me.

Andrea growled in approval then stepped aside. "By all means, then come on in. Want some wine?"

"Course," I answered quickly.

She chuckled and walked over to a cabinet then pulled out a bottle of merlot with two stemless glasses, plastic with small grooves for your thumb to sit. "Hope you don't mind plastic?"

I shook my head as I slid into a chair set in front of their kitchen table. "You know me, I will take wine in any vehicle that it is delivered in."

She smiled and popped the cork before bringing the bottle to the table. She set it down and started to pour me a fat glass while I opened the cookies and set them in the middle of the table. I tore two napkins off a roll for us and set one across from me for her.

She walked around as I reached for my glass and sat down. "Well, what's on your mind?"

She picked up her glass and clinked it with mine. I took a long drink and let the red liquid try to calm down the itch that was still stirring my wolf. "Well," I said as I set my glass down and reached for a cookie. "I need to ask you some things."

She chuckled softly. "Char, we're friends. More than that, my wolf sees you like a sister to us. You don't need to beat around the bushes or walk on egg shells around me."

I smiled and bit into my cookie, groaning as the chocolate started to coat my tongue. "Ok, let me just tell you what happened first."

"Glad I got the wine," she said with a smile before she took another sip.

Like with Levi, I explained everything to her. We went through the rouges first. She knew about the first time with Evangeline and I, but this time, she asked more questions. Questions I hadn't thought of before. It was the warrior in her. She was always thinking about a strategy, an angle.

Next, we went over the whispers and the tree. Her expression was one that both amused me and stirred me a little. She looked like she saw it coming. She looked like she wasn't surprised at all.

After I finished I took another sip of wine then let her top me off. "Well?"

"Well I think Levi is right about the tree, you need to go back and see what it wants."

"Come with me?" I asked as she bit into a cookie.

She shook her head. "I need to let this calf heel, dad got into it pretty good today." She took another bite then smiled at me  slyly. "Don't want to call your mate?"

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