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Chapter 4

I jumped away from Bennett’s arms in surprise. It was hard processing the fact that there was an unfamiliar face in front of me; I know everyone, or at least recognize everyone in the society. It was small, and it wasn’t hard to get to know only about three hundred people. But I knew for a fact I had never seen him before. But… it was even harder to process the words he had said.

The Dead have escaped.

          That’s impossible. The Dead could never manage to climb over the ledge, so where would they be coming from? My mind was flashing through all these possibilities in a matter of seconds.

          Everyone around the ball room started to scream in terror and panic and started running in different directions. Some ran up the stairs, even though we aren’t allowed to go up into the Ruler’s headquarters. Some ran outside, even though that was where The Dead lay. There were girls crying and guys with wide eyes,. Nothing like this had ever happened. We’d never even come close to having to touch or fight The Dead. We could only look below us, a safe distance away

          I finally snapped out of it when Bennett grabbed my arm and dragged me towards a crowd. In the middle of the crowd was the man, soaked with rain and sitting on one of the wooden table chairs. He seemed to be in hysterics as we came closer.

          People were around him and he was talking in a panic. Many of the people were asking him questions, but he ignored them, and continued to mumble to himself.

          “Who are you?” one asked.

          “Yeah, where did you come from?”

          “How did The Dead escape?”

          Many of these questions seemed to continue.

          “How many are there?” one of Bennett’s friends asked, finally getting through to the man.

          The man snapped his head up and looked at him. In a panic he said, “Hundreds.”

          Everyone seemed to realize the hopelessness of the situation at that moment. Everyone split away from him and stood around, not knowing what the hell to do. How could we ever overpower hundreds of The Dead? There are only three hundred of us, and all they have to do is bite us once before we are added to their army.

We are going to die…

          I stiffened and started to look around frantically for Clara, but she was nowhere in sight. I spotted Levi and hurried through the masses of people towards him.

          “Where’s Clara?” I asked, out of breath once I had finally reached him.

          “She said she had spotted Mason,” he gulped. I could see the worry in his eyes for his little brother, and I felt my heart skip a beat.

          I looked around more frantically and finally spotted Clara walking towards us again with Mason in hand next to her.

          “Oh God!” I exclaimed in relief once I saw her.

          I was just about to hurry over to her when I felt someone tug at my arm. I turned; surprised when I realized it was Bennett again. He had an intent look in his eyes and he started to drag me towards the doors. It took me a minute to realize what he was doing.

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