Thanks Dad

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Jack's POV
So this is your room I know it doesn't look like you'd be into it now but I'm sure dad will let you get some new things to make it feel more like home. "Ok thanks I guess" She said as she sits on her little bed I decided to leave. Oh sis remember we have dinner tonight with the Browns so we're something good. And by good i ment cute.

I left her to find something in that littloe suitcase of heres i hope she knows that wont last the year shes here for.

Emily's POV:

right so what do i have here mom packed me one or 2 nice things but i dont like any of them luckerly i have something hidden in my carry on i took it out and it was a pink dress that i got with my 16 birthday money. i also had some makeup that my friend Ashleah gave me before i left she was like




"you need to look smoking hot for all the calli boys out there. i said why would i need that im just a ugly nerd with no friends" (she pinches me ) "how dare you you have me and you better not forget to call me when you not busy ok "

ok so ill leave the bow in my hair and i have my make up on and my shoes im just about ready to meet my dick head of a "dad".

Knock at the door

who is it "hunni its me daddy ive missed you pumpkin" he says in that voice as if nothing ever happend and i never got kicked out on the street with my mom. i hated him i hated everyone here i wanted to go home but its just for a couple of months so its fine. "hunni i know your mad but please hurry we can talk later while we finish that tea party" OMG how old does he think i am im not 6 anymore is he really being serious right now "grab you things ill see you down there in 5 minuets ok hunni" i was about to expload when i noticed that my tea set was still set just the way i left it all that time ago.

Jacks POV:

omg seeing my "sister" come Down those stairs wow is it hot in here or is this just me

"jack dont get any ideas just because you are half related doesnt mean you can do anything to her ok remembern shes my little cupcake and no boy is going out with my girl" wow dad could you get any more over protective but comon look at her

"what was that Jack" she says as she walked to the middle of the room where we were all standing

"dont answer that Jack" said my dad in a stern tone

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